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Sh*t You Should Never Feel Guilty About

Boatsetter Team
Written by Boatsetter Team
December 27, 2017

Spoiler Alert: Guilt-free boat rentals top the list!

Of course, you agree boat rentals ARE FUN! But, guilt-free boat rentals? That’s the part we have to work on. You’re probably beating yourself up about something you need to be doing instead of jumping the waves, saying goodbye to the sun or hunting for a sandbar party. Sure, you feel bad about that one time (one, really?)  you called in sick from the Bahamas, or that other time you left your friend stranded at the airport because you were sort of in the middle of a boat rental to the Bahamas. But letting go of the guilt is the first step to enjoying guilt-free boat rentals. Got it? Because once you admit there is an issue, we can work through this together.

List of sh*t not to feel guilty about –  guilt-free boat rentals are the way to go:

Now here’s a list (because lists are awesome).

  • So you called in sick because you were (cough) boating. Say it with me…never feel guilty about using the common cold excuse to hook up with your boat rental. After all, it’s believable, may even be true at any given moment and you’ve earned that sick time! Using it creatively is a time-honored tradition that dates back to the days before Skype.
  • Maybe the yacht rental is “excessive.”  So you’re thinking about saving the world and stamping out world hunger. We totally get it. So, when you and a friend out on a luxurious private yacht charter, you’re thinking maybe the whole thing is a bit much decadence. Hold on a second, ask yourself this—is treating yourself to a little luxury a crime? No, sir. It is not. Now wave from your sexy deck and spread your happy vibes to all the adorable tiny boats that sail by. Remember to be thankful. After all, you’re the one out on the kick ass yacht rental.
  • Your college roommate is in town, but you have to report to jury duty, on a Saturday. Save yourself the trouble of feeling guilty about ditching your ex-roomie. College was (no offense) a LONG LONG time ago. Priorities change. You’re a boater now! Not everyone will understand. But we’re here for you! Just be sure to bring extra SPF. #boaters4life
  • Your idea of watersports involves a water gun and only the tiniest bit of actual water.  OK let’s be honest. When friends mention the word “paddle” you secretly cringe. (Like, I’m a boat—why would I need to paddle?) Not everybody is into boarding and getting drenched and looking, let’s say, sporty. Never feel guilty about cheering from the deck of your boat rental in your perfectly dry bikini. Better yet, volunteer to be the designated photographer and then toast to all your cute selfies. The best part about boating is everyone can enjoy their day on the water in whatever way makes them happiest. If that means dry, then cheers to catching the perfect wave…on camera.

Take a little time for yourself. Life can be stressful. Sometimes we just need to get away for a day (or three) and relax. Leave your worries and your regrets on the mainland, set sail with guilt-free boat rentals! The water is full of opportunity to help you recharge.

In short, stop beating yourself up. Bruises are never cute. Get out on the water and forget about all that stresses you out. Life is too short for that.

Boatsetter is a 100% guilt-free zone with fleets of boats available to help you set sail and your very own guilt-free boating adventure. As you already know, boat rentals are fun! Guilt-free boat rentals even come with a 24-hour free cancellation policy but we’re not going to look back, are we?

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