Father's Day Fishing

How to Plan a Fishing Trip for Dad

Written by Mariah Hoefle
June 8, 2020

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Memories of fishing with dad and the family are some of the most memorable. It’s possible and easy to take your days of fishing off land and onto the water this Father’s Day by simply renting a boat through Boatsetter. While there are a variety of fishing experiences to choose from, picking the right type of boat to rent for the type of fishing you plan to do can be overwhelming. Our guide is here to help you rent the perfect boat for your fishing experience with dad.

The Proper Boat to Rent for your Fishing Excursion

The body of water you plan to go fishing on will help you determine the type of boat you should rent for your experience. Below we have provided the best boats to rent depending on the body of water you choose to go fishing on.

Lake Fishing

Lakes are a great body of water to fish on if you don’t fish often. Due to the typical stillness of the water in lakes, fish usually stay closer to the bottom so that they can see everything. It’s important to stay quiet and calm, like the water, so you don’t scare the fish away. Not to mention, lake fishing is a relaxing way to enjoy a day spent with your dad.

Types of Boats to Rent for Lake Fishing

A pontoon or flats boat would be the perfect choice for a day spent fishing on the water. These boat types are capable of going into more shallow waters, allowing you to more easily catch the fish at the bottom of the lake.

Pontoon Boat:


Flats Boat:

Flats boat

Common Fish Species to Catch in a Lake

The most common fish species you’ll catch in a lake are Bass and Lake Trout. To catch a Bass, most anglers use artificial bait. Lake Trout respond well to trolled or cast natural bait.



Lake Trout:

Lake Trout

Flats Fishing

Flats fishing is a type of fishing done in shallow bodies of water that can be found in both fresh and saltwater. While fishing in the flats, it’s common to use your sight to detect the fish, rather than utilizing modern technology or gadgets.

The Type of Boat to Rent for Flats Fishing

Explanatory as it sounds, a flats boat is the proper choice when booking a fishing experience in the flats. These boats allow you to reach extremely shallow waters, enabling you to have full visibility of the fish scraping the bottom of the lake or ocean. This type of fishing is also perfect for the little ones, allowing them to see the fish right under the water!

Flats Boat:

Flats boat

Common Fish Species to Catch in the Flats

Common fish species you’ll catch in the flats include Redfish and Tarpon. Redfish are unique in that they create a croaking sound when they are in distress, making it easier for you to know you’ve caught one. And a fun fact about Tarpon, they aren’t very tasty, but are known to be called “Silver King” as they were the first saltwater species declared as game fish.





Offshore Fishing

Offshore fishing is the perfect activity for those that are looking for an exhilarating experience. When fishing offshore, you have the ability to reach fish that are 50’ to several hundred feet deep. Not only does this make a great dinner for the family, but a full adrenaline experience when reeling in a beast of a catch!

Types of Boats to Rent for Offshore Fishing

When planning a fishing experience offshore, it’s important to rent a boat that is capable of not only going miles off of the shore, but that it’s able to handle unsettling seas. A sportfishing yacht or a flybridge are perfect for this occasion.

Sportfishing Yacht:

Sport Fishing Yacht



Common Fish Species to Catch Offshore

When offshore fishing, you’re likely to catch Mahi Mahi and Sailfish. Mahi Mahi, also called Dolphin, prefer warmer waters, meaning you’ll catch them deeper than 80 feet. Luckily, they are bright in color, so they are easy to spot. As for Sailfish, they can be found swimming closer to the surface, alone or with a small school.

Mahi Mahi:

Mahi Mahi



Nearshore Fishing

Nearshore fishing can differ where you are, but typically this means only going about 10 to 20 miles offshore. This type of fishing is great for catching big fish, but burning less fuel than you would going offshore fishing. If you’re looking to catch similar sized fish for less of a cost, this can be the perfect experience for your family.

Types of Boats to Rent for Nearshore Fishing

When searching for the right boat for your nearshore fishing experience, you should highly consider renting a center console or a sportfishing yacht. These types of boats are extremely popular and reliable, providing you a safe and fun day out on the water.

Center Console:

Center console

Sportfishing Yacht:

Sport Fishing Yacht

Common Fish Species to Catch Nearshore

The most common fish species you’ll catch while nearshore fishing are Cobia and Wahoo. When migrating, Cobia typically swim near the surface, allowing you to practice your light tackle skills on. As for Wahoo, you can typically catch these by accident, which is why they are known to be called, “the favorite bycatch”.





No matter the type of fishing excursion you plan to book, Boatsetter makes the best father, son fishing trips possible and easier than ever. This year, give dad an experience he’ll cherish and memories that will last a lifetime. To book your fishing excursion today, head to Boatsetter.com/fishing.

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