How to Make Boating Family Fun for Everyone

According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), boating ranks among the top 3 fun family activities that relieve stress while building long-lasting memories. It’s a great way to take some time off of the everyday hustle and luxuriate in the slow paced side of life where it’s all sun, wind, lots of water, and breath-taking views. However, boating family fun isn't an automatic hit. So how do you make sure that family boating becomes fun for everyone?

Plan Boating Family Fun Activities for Your Adventure

The success of the entire trip starts with a good plan. First off – check weather conditions before deciding on dates. Even before you tick off all the outdoor activities for kids, do you know what they would love the most? Get them involved in the planning. Bring some rods for fishing, towable water tubes, and some snorkel gear for when the boat stops for a swim. Boats offer an awesome way to get to all sorts of places not accessible to cars. Explore some of the boating destination guides here, and plot your route to include fun places for kids.

Prepare for the Trip

Now that the plan is mapped out, create a checklist of all the essentials needed as well as gear for planned kid’s activities. Towels, extra clothes, and all the necessities should be meticulously packed. Bring more than enough food and drinks to avoid venturing back into the dock too early in case these run out. Apply sunscreen before leaving home and throughout the day so you never have to deal with pained cries later. And brief kids on the do’s and dont's when getting into and out of the boat, and while the boat is moving. What else should be in your pre-departure checklist? Compare it with this list.

Boats for Rent with Captain

Depending on the number of kids you have on board, their ages, and other adults to look out for them; you might want to consider boat rentals with a captain. This allows everyone to take part in all the fun family activities. Having a captain even makes the trip more adventurous and enjoyable with all the geographical knowledge that he can share, and the secret spots he can take the family to.

Safety First

Many U.S. States and the U.S. Coast Guard require children under 13 to wear life jackets that fit well, on moving boats. Read this if you need help in choosing the right life jackets to keep kids safe and secure. Each person aboard should also have one wearable life jacket in store. Safety is another benefit that having a captain on board your private boat rental brings. An experienced captain can detect any unexpected change in the weather, troubleshoot in case of mechanical failure, and competently take charge when an emergency situation arises. To top all these tips, don’t forget what the planned family boating is all about and that is –for everyone to have fun. Kids can get excited. Things can get messy. Accidents like spilt drinks and such can happen. Sure we need to teach kids to be more careful and be responsible. But don’t allow small things like these to ruin everyone’s day. So plan ahead, be prepared, stay safe and have lots of fun!


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