Make Your Boat Listing Shine – It’s All About The Images

Written by Boatsetter Team
May 22, 2020

Boatsetter offers a way for boat owners to earn income from renters, helping to offset the overall cost of boat ownership. Success with using Boatsetter starts with your listing. Whether you own a sailboat or powerboat, a perfect listing starts with setting a great first impression, so let’s talk about what users care about the most- photos!


Think of your listing as your own virtual storefront. With a few easy edits, you can increase your chances of bringing renters into your store! When renters consider a boat, they are looking for one that matches their vision for the kind of day on the water they hope to experience.  To increase the number of booking requests that you receive from renters this season, we recommend following our expert tips to add shine to your listing.

Focus on quality and quantity

The first step in planning your boat photography requires some thought. To help you get started, focus on capturing high-resolution, wide-angle images, keeping in mind that photos with at least 960px width display the best. Once that first high-quality image catches a potential renter’s eye, they will be less likely to sift through other listings and they will definitely want to see more. The more photos you have, the better. Show off your boat and all that it has to offer. Wondering what you should showcase? Let’s move to step 2.

Amenity check

Give renters a glimpse into your boat! Ask yourself- what are your favorite amenities onboard and then photograph them. Bathroom? Check. Forward console seating? Check. Accessories and Electronics? Check. We recommend adding different angles so they’re able to get a full-picture glance at the vessel before booking.

Highlight the experience

Next, sell the experience! Renters love to see the different experiences they can have onboard. From fishing and bachelorette celebrations to watersports and anchoring at the sandbar, your photos have the ability to tell a story that will bring in those booking requests. Renters are less familiar with boating than you are and great photos help educate them on the right vessel to take out for the type of day they are hoping to have with their family or close friends. If you happen to have photos of past rentals or personal time spent on the water, don’t hesitate to add those to your listing as well.

To add or edit photos, navigate to your Owner Dashboard, click My Boats, select Manage Boat, select Edit Listing on the left sidebar, and scroll to Photos section at the bottom of the page. To upload photos, click Edit photos and click Upload more. To reorder your photos, select a photo and drag it to its new spot. To change your first photo, select a photo and drag it to the first spot. Don’t forget to save your changes.

High-quality photos highlighting your boat, amenities and onboard experience, will bring you one step closer to generating earnings this season. To continue reading our expert tips on making your boat listing shine, check out how you can implement competitive market pricing to keep those earnings up.

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