Boat City Smack Down: Miami vs San Francisco – where would you rather go boating?

You may have heard the news that a major merger took place in the boat sharing industry when the two leaders, Boatsetter (based in Miami, Florida) and Cruzin (based in San Francisco, California) combined early this month with the goal of taking the boating world by storm. It’s been a great move - customers are enjoying the enhanced website experience, even-better-than-before prices on boat rentals, in addition to, great boat options in more locations to choose from for their boating adventures. Boat owners are, of course, thrilled that their boats listed for charter are getting lots of activity and the internal groups from each respective company are quickly becoming respected colleagues and old friends! We’re one big happy family...

Miami vs San Francisco Boating Experiences

However, one small but friendly rivalry seems to have developed and we need your help to settle it once and for all! Don’t worry; it’s all in good fun. Who doesn’t love a good smack down? So let’s weigh the facts and decide which city is better for boating. Please help us settle this debate! Miami, Florida: The Magic City as it is called is chock full of boating fun. Taking in Miami from the vantage point of a boat and you’ll experience the glam of South Beach, the charm of rustic Florida and world-class water activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and deep sea fishing. That’s why Boaters flock to this southern location to go boating in the Atlantic Ocean.

Advantages of going boating in Miami:

  • Warm all year round
  • South Beach (need we say more)
  • Dockside Dining Options that never end
San Francisco, California: The City by the Bay is a world famous boating destination. Home to America’s World Cup, San Francisco is a dream destination of sailors on the US West Coast as well as the world over. The moderate weather and unlimited sightseeing destinations make San Francisco a must-see place that can best be viewed onboard a boat. That’s where the magic happens, after all!

Advantage of going boating in San Francisco:

  • Abundance of local California wines to bring onboard
  • Picturesque views of the Pacific Coast landscapes and terrain
  • Whale watching in the pacific ocean
So, let’s face it, if your biggest decision of the day is whether to go boating in Miami or go boating in San Francisco, I’d say you’re having a great day. So, what’s your choice; where would you rather go boating Miami or San Francisco? We’re keeping score and looking to win this boat location smack down. The great news is the Boatsetter (which now includes Cruzin after the merger) has thousands of privately-owned boats available in cities all over the world. Whether you’ve got your sights set on the east coast or the west, there are great choices for your boating adventures at


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