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Millennials leaving boating: How Boatsetter is reversing the trend

Written by Genevieve Agar
January 22, 2018

Last Updated on January 13, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

From home ownership to 9-5 type jobs and so much more, millennials are knowing for bucking trends. This includes recreational boating with record low numbers of them opting to buy boats. Boating hasn’t changed and there are still many reasons for people to love heading out to the high seas. The good news for boat owners and the industry as whole is that despite these numbers, Millennials actually have a great potential to keep the flame alive and Boatsetter is helping them do just that!

1) Boat Owners Have Been Aging Since the 80s
Part of this is simple demographics. The baby boomers are aging and they were the last generation to be serious about boat ownership. Generation X didn’t noticeably impact the industry and as Millennials become the primary component of the workforce by 2025, it will become time to start appealing to them.
2) Younger People Aren’t Buying Boats
This goes with just about everything and can be a great source of consternation for older generations. It seems as if Millenials are only interested in buying two things— new smart phones and cafe lattes. Ownership is out and the sharing economy is in! That’s why we see such a huge success in services like Uber and AirBnb which base themselves on these fundamentals.
3) Harnessing the Power of Peer to Peer Renting
Boatsetter has likewise created a network for boat owners to share their boats. It’s a win-win for both sides. For owners, who tend to be older, it gives them an opportunity to make some money from the boats when they are not using them. For younger people, it saves them the trouble and directly delivers them the vehicle for whenever they want to use!
4) Just Look at Our Average Rental Age
The vast majority of Boatsetter customer are under the age of 40. They appreciate the ease of use of our services. For owners, it is easy to list and market their boat and for the consumer, it is easy for her or him to find the boat they want in the location they choose.

A Revolution in Boating
Recreational boating isn’t dying; it’s just changing. And with Boatsetter great service you can stay ahead of the game and make money from your boat if you are owner or find the right boat for your price range if you are a customer. What more could you want?

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