Private boat rentals inspire custom boating experiences

The concept of private boat rental has evolved from a predominate notion of fishing and basic sightseeing tours into the wave of the future. By renting from a private boat owner, renters can customize their boating experience to fit their own needs and interests. This modern approach to recreation and on-water activities has allowed more people to experience the boating lifestyle and participate in a variety of water-based activities. What makes Private Boat Rentals different? At one time, renting a boat meant spending the day on a fleet boat from a marina. Not many different types of boats were available, perhaps a bass boat or other small fishing boat, and it was sketchy as to the condition they were in. Things like scratched up hulls, poorly functioning engines and restrictive operating instructions were not uncommon characteristics of the typical fleet boat rental. These days, private boat owners can list their boats through boat sharing sites like Boatsetter. Similar in nature to ride sharing or apartment sharing, renting a private boat allows renters to choose a boat based upon a specific location, an activity or the type of boat. Anything from pontoon boats, cuddy cabins and runabouts to sailboats, cabin cruisers and luxury yachts are available to rent. Professional and certified captains can even be hired if the renter isn’t familiar with boats or if they just want to enjoy time with friends and family while waterskiing, wakeboarding, dining, diving or snorkeling. Benefits of private boat rental to consumers • Rent the boat of your dreams without gaining the responsibilities of owning the boat of your dreams. • Try out a variety of boat makes and models, which is also a great way to “test sail” before making the leap into purchasing a boat of your own. • Experience boating activities in different destinations across the country. • Introduce your family to the boating lifestyle. • Have a pristine boat or luxury yacht at your disposal if you can’t bring your own boat along with you on vacation. • Be confident in the fact that your private boat rental will be well-maintained, up-to-date and stocked with all of the necessary safety gear and navigational equipment.


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  1. It’s interesting how you said that people can put their boat on a private boat rental listing and allow people to rent it out from them. My wife and I love to go out on lakes and the ocean and this seems like a great way to get our fix. We’ll have to look into renting from someone we know maybe or something like that.

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