Sailgating For The Best Football Pregame Ever!

Boatsetter Team
Written by Boatsetter Team
December 10, 2017

Football season is at its best and it’s time to bring the tailgating up a notch? Rent a boat and watch the game on the water or arrive at your stadium on your private boat rental! The aroma of lobster, shrimp and salmon wafting off the grills and a cooler filled with microbrews, makes sailgating a favorite activity in football season. Some boatgaters, which is another name for this popular activity, may not even set foot inside the stadium, preferring to remain on the water, in front of flat screens as cheers can be heard from the nearby stadium.

Rent a boat and experience sailgating – the best way to pregame!

Believe it or not, sailgating is logistically possible at a number of pro and college stadiums across the US. Added bonus: if you rent a boat, it will keep you out of the traffic tie-ups. While many of the other fans will be sitting behind the wheels of their cars, you’ll be hanging out on the aft deck sipping a cocktail.

One of the best on-water stadiums is EverBank Field located in Jacksonville, Fla. The annual Gator Bowl held at EverBank Field offers college football fans the chance to get in on the on-water revelry. Rent a boat and head to Metropolitan Park Marina on the St. Johns River, which is walking distance to the stadium. The marina offers nearly 80 slips that can accommodate boats up to 80 feet.

If you want an even bigger sailgating experience, head to Tennessee on Saturdays in the Fall. In Knoxville, University of Tennessee football fans are among a group of tailgaters that have formed a navy. Aptly named the Vol Navy, coming from the nickname of Tennessee, The Volunteer State. This tailgating navy of several hundred boats gathers on the Tennessee River outside Neyland Stadium.

At the Vol Navy, you will find boats of all sizes tied to one another. Among the larger ships, some stay tied up for the entire 3 months of the football season! Most yachts are equipped with multiple bedrooms, serving as a home for weeks. Many cruisers have a kitchen, bathroom and sleeping quarters, large enough for four adults to sleep comfortably. With the largest boatgating scene in the country, the VOL Navy in Knoxville is something you have to see at least once in your life.

Other On-Water Stadiums include:

  • Heinz Field- Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Husky Stadium- Seattle, Washington
  • McLane Stadium- Waco, Texas
  • Soldier Field- Chicago, Ilinois

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