5 Spookiest Places You Can Go Boating for Halloween

Written by Kristen Rogers
October 22, 2018

Last Updated on September 29, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

From the carved out pumpkins and ghosts swirling around, it’s becoming more and more noticeable that Halloween is almost here. Whether you’re looking to go trick-or-treating or visit the neighborhoods spookiest haunted house, you can rest assured that this Halloween is going to be filled with spooky surprises. But have you ever thought of exploring some of the nation’s most ghostly towns by boat? That’s right. From locations filled with dark histories from the Salem witch trials to watery graveyards of sunken ships and sailors lost, there has never been a better time to explore the nation’s dark history than with a Halloween getaway on a boat rental. Without further ado, we present to you the most haunted places to visit on Halloween.

Salem, Massachusetts

Known as being the home to the infamous Salem witch trials, this destination has long carried a dark past of betrayal and superstition. In the late 1600’s more than 200 residents of the town were accused of being witches. This mass hysteria which leads to the deaths of several of the town’s members has haunted Salem for centuries since. On Halloween nights, it is said that the ghosts of those who passed still haunt Salem and from a boat, you can explore the shore without getting too close to the supernatural.

Lake Lanier, Georgia

Just 40-miles north of downtown Atlanta is one of the nation’s most haunted lakes. It’s said that in building bridges across the late more than 50 years ago, several construction workers fell to their deaths in the murky waters of Lake Lanier. It has also been home to a large number of car wrecks from passengers that were driving late at night and swerved off the bridges. Ghost sightings have been reported by locals in the area who say that late at night they can hear the ghosts emerging from the bottom of the late, perhaps just to greet the passing boats, perhaps for something more. With a Lake Lanier boat rental, you can cruise the spooky waters and see for yourself.

Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Outer Banks have long been known for their history of fierce winds and hurricanes that have led to many of the most famous shipwrecks and discoveries in history. Just last week, the remains of an old sunken ship washed ashore in an area that is known by locals as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic.” In this watery graveyard, you can expect to find anything from old Civil War-era relics like cannonballs and old coins to wash ashore. With a late night pontoon boat tour of the area on Halloween night, you can expect to find much more.

Porte des Morts

If you’re more in the mood for lake sailing than ocean sailing, head north to Porte des Morts in Door County, Wisconsin. The area’s name translates to Door of the Dead and is a reference to the fact that hundreds of Native American warriors were drowned by a freak squall or smashed to flinders against the cliffs while they battled one another.  On Halloween night, you can cruise these icy waters with a warm cup of spiced tea and a pontoon boat rental and see for yourself if the ghosts have fled or if they’re still lurking in the water.

Graveyard of the Pacific

As you may have guessed, while there’s a “Graveyard of the Atlantic,” there’s also a “Graveyard of the Pacific.” Located in the northwestern U.S. on Tillamook Bay in Oregon and stretching all the way up towards Vancouver Island and Cape Scott, this stretch of treacherous water has been home to many of the Pacific’s most notorious shipwrecks. Due to unpredictable weather conditions and rocky reefs, there has been over 2,000 shipwrecks here over the last few centuries, many of which took the entire crew down into the icy water with them. It is said that everything from the ghosts of pirates to old oil workers haunt these waters.

If you’re not up for getting spooked, you have the option to take your Halloween celebrations to the water instead. In fact, there’s no better way to celebrate the holiday weekend than with close family or friends on the water. Search boats near you and consider a captained rental so you can sit back and enjoy your boat rental experience.

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