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3 Strategies on Leveraging Local Events to Boost Bookings

Written by Boatsetter Team
January 19, 2024

Last Updated on January 23, 2024 by Boatsetter Team

For Owners coming up with new boat operator strategies is essential to success. One great, and yet often overlooked opportunity are local events. Here, we’ll share with you three easy to-do strategies on leveraging local events to boost bookings:

  1. Update your boat profile
  2. Follow relevant event pages
  3. Connect with event organizers

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1. Update your boat profile

Your boat listing title and description play a crucial role in capturing the attention of renters. If a popular event is happening in your city or area, edit the title and description calling out the event.

To keep your title short and simple, consider adding the event name followed by “boat” or “boat rental” in the title. Examples of this could look like: 

  • “F1 Weekend in Miami – Book Your Boat Rental”
  • “Book this Party Pontoon for 10-People for Tampa Gasparilla!”
  • “The Perfect Charter for Mini Lobster Season in Key West (7/24-7/25)”

For the description, reference upcoming local events and explain how your boat is the perfect venue for attendees (good opportunity to show off any neat boat features). Emphasize your boat’s proximity to event venues. We all can appreciate convenience!

Pro tip: Not a fan of writing? Let ChatGPT come up with a new boat title and description for you

Editing your boat profile’s title and description is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Owner dashboard 
  2. Click Edit listing 
  3. Select title & description
  4. Scroll down & click Edit
  5. Tap the text box to type
  6. Click Save

Don’t forget to make updates once the event has passed to keep your listing fresh or advertise the next event coming up.

2. Follow relevant event pages

One effective strategy is to follow event pages online and engage with event attendees. Platforms like Facebook and Eventbrite are great opportunities for this. If you’re not into social media, your municipality’s site often will feature upcoming events. Keep yourself focused and efficient by following this outline: 

  • Consider the location – Is it near or around water? 
  • Check the event’s popularity – How many people are following? How many are marked on attending? 
  • Search for events relevant to boating (Pro tip: You can find boating events on the Boatsetter blog)

If the platform allows, connect with people online. Those interested will often leave comments and/or likes. Consider messaging them introducing yourself. Spice it up by giving them a special price for booking your boat for the event day. Another approach is to connect with people at the event. Give them the best experience by suggesting that they download the Boatsetter App (App Store | Google Play). 

3. Connect with event organizers

Event organizers can be powerful allies in your quest to boost bookings through local events. Connecting with them not only might give you the lead on upcoming events but also opens doors to exclusive partnerships and potential marketing. Again, before reaching out make sure that the event organizer or the event is relevant in some way to boating. It’s also a good idea to brainstorm on collaborative ideas that benefit both. And when the question of how this would work comes up, well, use Boatsetter!

Share the link to your boat listing. There, they’ll find all the information about your boat. Let them know if they have any questions, feel free to send an inquiry. Your boat, your rules: Sweeten the deal by setting a special price for the event organizer.

Pro tip: Use Boatsetter to help booking management and as a trusted billing resource.

If all goes well, when they’re planning the next event you’ll definitely be top of mind.

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