Summer Travel Trends

Boatsetter’s Summer Travel Trends for 2024

Written by Gabriela dos Santos
June 7, 2024

Last Updated on June 14, 2024 by Boatsetter Team

Whether you’re planning a visit to a National Park or in search of unique experiences, the key takeaways of 2024 summer travel trends that follow are supported by various market trends and Boatsetter data.

  • Approximately 82% of American adults plan to travel during summer, with a significant portion choosing waterside destinations (1). 
  • Trending summer destinations Destin, Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, and Tampa have seen a 20% YOY growth on Boatsetter, highlighting their rising popularity for unique boating experiences. 
  • Correlation between the 115% boost in lake-based rentals increase and rise in popularity of water sports boat styles, including activities such as waterskiing, tubing, wakeboarding, and water foiling.
  • Alongside the trending concept of “blue spaces,” water-based activities such as swimming, kayaking, and paddling promote calmness, joy, and reduce social anxiety (2).

Trending summer destinations for boating & on-the-water experiences

Trending summer destinations such as Destin, Miami, Los Angeles, New York City, and Tampa have experienced a notable 20% YOY growth on Boatsetter. These cities are increasingly popular among tourists and locals seeking unique and memorable experiences during summertime.

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Most popular water-based summer activities

summer bbqs

From kayaking to swimming, to beach pickle ball or frescobol, water-based activities are among summer’s most preferred, driven by a combination of factors including their appeal across diverse groups, accessibility and affordability, and the promotion of health and fitness. 

Lake day activities

Considering adding a boat day to your lakefront vacation plans? Boatsetter has seen a 115 % boost in lake-based rentals with Lake Michigan, Lake Travis, Lake Austin, Lake Norman, Lake Union, and Lake Washington leading the way as the most popular bodies of water near these major metropolitan areas.

Visits to National Parks

During summer, many people will be traveling to visit National Parks like Yosemite, Yellowstone, and Rocky Mountain. While there are many wonders to see by foot, many of the National Parks that are best explored by boat.

Summer barbecues

The people have spoken: July is the best month for barbecuing in the US. 55% of people prefer to barbecue in July, versus 51% in June (3). With many boats including unique features such as grills on board, people can enjoy a summer’s dynamic duo of fun: boating and barbecuing.

Beach days straight ahead

Increased visitation numbers in coastal national parks such as in Florida and California during summer indicate you can expect to see people from coast to coast beach-related activities. Whether in the mood for a secluded beach, a vibey sandbar, or seeing your favorite beach from a new lens, make your next beach day a boat day.

25+ incredible experiences across watery six categories 

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  • Only by boat – Explore remote destinations only accessible by boat.
  • Be a local – Experience destinations with the insights of a local.
  • Pop culture – Relive iconic on-screen moments, but on a boat. 
  • Go fish – Cast a line with local anglers.
  • Adventure & sports – Go for a thrillride on the water.
  • Great outdoors – Discover the best our planet has to offer.

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