The 4 Best Lakes to Boat on in Dallas

Written by Kristen Rogers
August 2, 2018

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Bright lights, big personalities, shining stars… In many ways, Dallas is the belle of the Texas ball. With boating season in full swing, it’s time to trade in being the belle of the ball for a boat. Texas is known for boasting larger than life things, so what better place to get out on the water than Dallas, Texas. Although Dallas is the commercial and cultural hub of the state, its natural landscape cannot be overlooked. But don’t worry, Boatsetter has rounded up Dallas’s top 4 lakes you need to be out on this boating season.

Each lake is unique on its own. Locks and canals along the way present intriguing stops, and for boaters, the various marinas often bring you right next to dining and visitor attractions.  Whether you’re lucky enough to call yourself a native Texan or are planning a trip to the bigger than life state in the near future, here are some hot spots to check out.

1. Lake Lewisville

If you head east on I-35 from Dallas for about 45 minutes, eventually you’ll run into the majestic Lake Lewisville. Covering 29,000 acres with 233 miles of shoreline, this lake is the perfect destination for boating, fishing, swimming, skiing, and relaxing. There are also 12 boat ramps around the lake to launch your boat, or if you don’t have one, here’s a a great selection of perfect rental options on Lake Lewisville for all the above. If you’re looking to party on the water, don’t forget to visit the legendary party cove and dive into the celebrations. No matter what you plan to do on this lake, you’re guaranteed to have a great Texan time.

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2. Lake Whitney

About 80 miles southwest of Dallas is Lake Whitney, which is widely known as the essential spot for the avid fisherman. Both Largemouth and smallmouth bass can be caught here and can be found using the roots of the lakes trees as a shelter or home. This helps narrow the search for the perfect casting location, and hopefully you’ll catch a few that will break your personal records. Take out a a great boat at Lake Whitney and bait your prize of the day. Other activities at Lake Whitney include bow hunting, hiking, biking, swimming, and camping.

3. Lake Grapevine

If you aren’t looking to make a long voyage to get to the water in Dallas, the closest in proximity is Lake Grapevine. Just 30 minutest northwest of Dallas, Lake Grapevine is the suburban lake that’s been kept hidden from many city dwellers. Featuring a sprawling 8,000 acres, a beautiful shoreline, and 9 miles of hiking and boating trails, Lake Grapevine has it all. Cruise around Grapevine like a local on any of these great Lake Grapevine boats and take in the southern atmosphere. There are also two marinas at the lake, giving you a place to relax before or after your day of fun.

4. Possum Kingdom Lake

Despite its interesting name, Possum Kingdom Lake is actually a real place. Gifted its name in the song “Possum Kingdom” by the 1990s alt-rock band the Toadies, it is somewhat historic.  If you’re willing to travel the 140 miles on I-30 west, it’s one of the most scenic places to boat in the Lonestar state. A manmade reservoir, the lake is approximately 17,000 acres and has over 300 miles of shoreline. With plenty of room to explore, a not so typical pontoon like the Harris FloteBote 240 Solstice SL Triple Tube w/250 Verado is the perfect ride to meet other boaters, or do your own thing on through the unique lake. Bed and breakfasts, cabins, and primitive camping give you plenty of options if you want to stay for the weekend. In addition to boating, there are plenty of restaurants, hiking, biking, golfing, and birdwatching options to keep you entertained throughout your time on and off of the lake.

With all of the incredible boating options in the Dallas area, you never have to go too far to have for a truly great boating experience. So pack up, pick your Boatsetter rental, and the get the boat ready with all the essentials and your favorite people for an awesome weekend of adventures and memories just waiting to be created. Check out the rest of Boatsetter’s Dallas fleet here!

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