Things to do in Panama City Florida

Things to do in Panama City, FL by Boat

Written by Boatsetter Team
March 21, 2022

This popular Florida Panhandle city is one of the most well-known beach towns in the United States. For starters, Panama City features miles of beautiful beaches right on the Gulf of Mexico. Booking a boat rental here is a great way to play in the waves. Check out three more enticing ways to spend an enjoyable day around the water.

Explore Panama City, FL Boat Rentals

Spend the Day at Russell-Fields Pier

The 1,500-foot-long Russell-Fields Pier gets you up close and personal with the Gulf’s wind, waves, and abundant wildlife. As you stroll the expansive walkway, look down for dolphins and manta rays skimming along the waves. This 24/7 destination is also an ideal spot for catching an amazing Gulf of Mexico sunset.

Russell-Fields Pier is also a great place to cast your line for some tasty fish. Your daily fishing fee is the ticket to fish for grouper, pompano, mullet, or cobia at different times of year. Expect hungry pelicans and seagulls to be your fishing companions.

Explore St. Andrews State Park

St Andrews State Park

This waterfront destination offers a full menu of water activities. If you prefer swimming or snorkeling, St. Andrews State Park offers ideal protected shallow areas. If you’d prefer to jump some larger waves, you’ll find them in more open Gulf waters.

Indulge your spirit of exploration on Shell Island, a nearby barrier island with its own enticing beach. With many places around the island to anchor your boat, you can enjoy several hours of swimming and snorkeling with your family.

Explore Panama City, FL Boat Rentals

Jump In at Water Planet

If your bucket list includes swimming with dolphins, Water Planet offers a full-day, family-friendly program. During this boat-based activity, Water Planet staff and interns will share insights on dolphin behaviors. You’ll also learn about the best ways to interact with these super-intelligent mammals.

Next, you’ll slip into the water to meet the dolphins in their natural ocean habitat. Water Planet’s full-day program includes an enjoyable boat tour and a side excursion to Shell Island for some serious beach-combing fun.

Panama City’s Best Bodies of Water for Boating

St. Andrews Bay

Gulf of Mexico

Naturally, the Gulf of Mexico is at the top of everybody’s Panama City bucket list. The Gulf’s blue-green waters stretch on forever, and beckon serious anglers. Look for a well-equipped fishing boat rental, and soak up some salty sea air while you cast your line.

St. Andrews Bay

Enjoy a lazy day of cruising around Panama City’s St. Andrews Bay. This roomy body of water sits behind a protective barrier island that offers protection from the choppy Gulf waves. Cast your line for some crafty fish or soak up the sun in a relaxing out-of-the-way anchorage.

Explore Panama City, FL Boat Rentals

Lower Grand and Upper Grand Lagoons

These two easy-to-reach lagoons play key roles in the popular Panama City boating scene. You’ll likely pick up and drop off your boat rental on Lower Grand Lagoon. Once you’re aboard, nearby Upper Grand Lagoon offers plenty of places to explore or drop the hook for some serious fishing.

Ready to explore all of these exciting destinations? With a local Boatsetter boat rental you can explore Panama City, FL with various boats, including pontoons, sailboats, fishing boats, yachts, and many more!

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