Boating Hacks – Insiders Tips for Better Boating Experiences

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 12, 2017

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Is boating your passion? All you think about? We get you…we’re the same way. Even if you’re new to the boating lifestyle, it can quickly get under your skin and become an obsession. But that’s okay (so say us boaters) it’s the best kind of obsession. The kind that is rewarding, allows you to de-stress, take in nature and bond with your nearest and dearest!

If you’re ready to take your boating obsession to the next level, we can help. A few boating hacks from those who’ve sailed around the block a few times will help you optimize your boating experience and have even more fun out on the water. Who knew that was even possible?

Boater Tips and Hacks

Enjoy the following boating hacks and don’t be shy to share what you’ve learned with us! We are also on the hunt for any reason to chat about boating. (We did mention that it was our obsession, didn’t we?)

In no particular order, here are some of our favorite tips for boaters:

No Love for Love Bugs – Any boater who tows his/her boat a long distance, knows that upon arrival at your destination, the boat is likely to be in a terrible state. Here’s our boating hack: rub liquid soap on the front of your boat (most especially your console and windshield) before heading out. The bugs will come off easily when you arrive (especially helpful during Florida’s treacherous Love Bug season).

Keep Your Cooler in Place – Let’s face it no matter what you stock in that cooler, it’s going to be a pretty important contributor to your boating day! Use our insider boating hack to keep it from flying all over the boat when you get to full speed – just place a wet towel under it and sliding around on deck is no longer an issue.

Natural Mold Killer – For boat owners, mold is an issue; there’s just no getting around it. Here’s our inexpensive and natural boating hack to combat mold on your boat’s seats – white vinegar! It works better than bleach, has less smell and is dirt cheap.

Never (Ever) Bring Bananas – Fishermen are a superstitious bunch and as the lore goes, one sure way to drive the fish away is to bring bananas along on your fishing excursion. No, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but are you prepared to take the risk? Apples are a great substitute…

Seasickness is No Joke – Even if you’ve never experienced seasickness, it can sneak up on you at anytime and, in rough seas, it’s even more likely to plague those who thought they were immune. These boating hacks could save you or one of your guests suffering with seasickness. Keep two items on hand: ginger and seasickness “watches.”

Ginger tea, ginger candies or even the fresh varietal that can be steeped in tea are all great ways to end the ordeal of seasickness. For those who know they are prone to motion sickness, slap on the pressure point bands that can purchased at any drugstore to offset seasickness before it begins.

Bring Extras…of Almost Everything – Keep some key extras on the boat: life jackets, hats, sunglasses, flip flops. Someone always forgets one of these important items or needs a spare. One more important extra to bring on your boat trip: the “oh crap” jerry can of fuel, surely we don’t have to explain why this might be needed.

Going Out for a Long Trip; Go Slow on the Alcohol – You may hold your liquor superbly with both feet on dry land, but at-sea things are a little different. Experienced boaters have seen it over and over again: the extended boat trip ruined for that one guy who didn’t know he wasn’t an “at-sea drinker.” Boating hack – test the waters regarding your alcohol tolerance on shorter trips.

Have you started daydreaming about going boating yet? (We did.)

Getting out on the water is easier than ever nowadays. Boat owners are now able to “share” their amazing privately-owned boats with those who want to go boating all over the world through platforms like the one offered by industry leader, Boatsetter.

At Boatsetter, it’s as simple as choosing your location, picking your boat and making a reservation for a short or extended charter. For less experienced boaters or those who want to kick back and enjoy the ride, a licensed captain can also be easily hired to take the helm. For those who have the boating know-how, a captain is not required.

This great new option makes boating accessible for anyone and everyone, including:

  • Those who have no boating experience,
  • Those who don’t own a boat,
  • Those who want to try out a different boat size or model other than the one they own,
  • Those who are traveling without their boat, but want to enjoy the waterways near their destination.

So, to sum it all up – there’s no reason NOT to go boating, wouldn’t you agree? Got any boat hacks to share, please do add to our list!

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