Top 5 Add-ons that Attract Renters

Written by Boatsetter Team
July 25, 2023

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Add-ons are trip essentials a renter might want in addition to renting your boat. Boatsetter allows you to offer essentials and other items such as Photography, Snorkeling gear, Ice, Cooler, Fishing gear, Floating mat, Kayak, Photography, Inflatable toy, Tube, Bring a petOf course providing any of the Add-ons above is an easy way for you to attract more renters and make more money off each trip. However, the five listed below are fan favorites among our renters. So, if you have any of these Add-ons sitting idly by, consider listing them. 

  1. Bring a pet
  2. Kayak 
  3. Ice 
  4. Snorkeling gear 
  5. Cooler 

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1. Bring a pet 

taking a dog on a boat

Pet parents leap at the opportunity to give their fur babies a new experience. Like boating! If you’re comfortable with allowing renters bring their pets aboard, include Bring a pet as an Add-on of your listing. You can use the description to call out any Don’ts or pet rules, like must be friendly. 

2. Kayaks

kayaking addon

Kayaking is a fun and adventurous activity, packaged with a boat, it gives renters with a holistic on the water experience. It also gives the renter what to do; instead of having to outsource activities for the day, you provide ease in trip planning and bundles of fun! 

Watch this video about Add-ons to learn more:

3. Ice 

Ice bags

Don’t underestimate this cool Add-on! Ice is an easy to manage Add-on you may offer that will peak the interest of renters as most bring their own beverages aboard. You’re either saving them a trip to the store just for a bag of ice, or saving them from getting to the dock and realizing they forgot to get ice. 

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4. Snorkeling gear 


Similar to the kayaking, Snorkeling gear gives your renters a fun activity to do. If  you don’t already have snorkeling gear, you will easily find good quality and affordable gear online. If you’re operating out of places like Key West, FL; Honolulu, HI; Catalina Island, CA; snorkeling gear is a perfect addition to your boat rental. 

5. Cooler/Ice Chest

boat cooler

How else can renters keep all of their favorite boat day beverages cool? By adding on a cooler! A Cooler is another one of those easy-to-manage Add-ons that renters love for the convenience of it. Not to mention, it goes hand-in-hand with the ice— ca-ching! 

Need help with adding Add-ons to your listing? Get help here.

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