Vacation Boat Rentals Open Doors to Exciting New Summer Destinations

Vacation boat rentals: it's like fun times two!

With the summer vacation season in full swing, and with many families searching for budget-friendly getaway options, consider adding vacation boat rentals to your short list. You’ll get a mobile vacation home with a changing view, and you can engage in fun on-the-water activities the entire family will enjoy. Best of all, you’ll likely find some suitable vessels within easy driving distance. To get the ball rolling, follow several simple guidelines applicable to any boat rental.

Choose Your Boating Vacation Experience

Decide how you’d like to spend your time on the water. If you enjoy sailing, but your busy schedule limits you to day trips, take a longer coastal cruise that allows you to experience varied ports and anchorages. Keep your plans flexible so you can spend an extra day in an especially enticing spot, or stay ashore while unfavorable weather conditions pass. Or, maybe you can’t get enough of fishing – anytime, anywhere. If you’re near the coast, follow the fishing reports and play “tag” with the fish of your choice. If you prefer lake fishing, spend time dropping the hook in scenic coves or trolling while you relax in the sun. If you want to recharge your batteries for a few days, and you’re near an inland lake or coastal cove, turn your boat into a calming retreat. Find a scenic anchorage away from normal boating traffic. Spend your days swimming, sunning, and relaxing with soothing music. Take the dinghy and go ashore to explore – or not.

Select the Best Boat for Your Vacation

Now that you’ve sketched out your boating vacation, decide which type of boat suits your plans. For coastal sailing, a medium-sized sailboat with comfy accommodations and a fully equipped galley (kitchen) should do the trick. Rent a dinghy for anchorage explorations, and consider stowing a paddleboard or kayak. For coastal fishing, find a good-sized powerboat with a hefty engine and an uncluttered deck. Ideally, the boat should have a small cabin with a head (toilet), sleeping berths, and a compact galley. If you enjoy waterskiing or tubing, stow those water toys and take a break from chasing fish. For a stress-reduction sojourn, consider a nicely equipped houseboat, sailboat, or powerboat. Although you won’t need a fancy floating home, make sure it’s well maintained and all systems work properly.

Complete Your Easy-Prep Meal Planning

Next, plan your vacation boat rentals meals. First, remember you’re on vacation, and you don’t want to spend endless hours on meal prep and cleanup while everyone else snoozes on deck. So, keep your meal planning simple, and take advantage of shoreside restaurants whenever possible. For your coastal sailing cruise, plan simple breakfasts such as muffins, yogurt, and cereal. If someone feels really adventurous, and knows how to operate the boat’s propane stove, a hearty feast of bacon and eggs or pancakes would provide a nice treat. For a sailors’ lunch, sandwiches, snacks, and fruit can’t be beat. For dinner, consider one-pot meals that minimize galley time, cold salads and desserts, grilled meat/seafood and veggies from the stern propane grill, and dinner ashore. Bring lots of cold drinks, too. During your fishing trip, make breakfast simple and fast so you can get to the important stuff: fishing. Grab a bite ashore, or pick up breakfast biscuits for the crew to munch while motoring out to the fishing grounds. Plan sandwiches and snacks for lunch, and keep plenty of cold drinks (especially water) in the cooler. For dinner, head ashore or cook some fresh-caught fish on the stern grill. For your Zen boating vacation, plan low-stress meals that require minimal preparation and cleanup time. Or, if you really enjoy cooking but rarely have time to indulge your passion, create the delectable dishes (and desserts) you only dream about making at home.

Pack Your Boating Gear and Supplies

Now let’s begin some serious packing. Regardless of your boating destination, you’ll likely spend considerable time in shorts, T-shirts, and swimsuits. Bring a jacket for cooler evenings, foul weather gear, and a sun-protective hat and sunscreen. If you’ll visit a waterfront restaurant for dinner, take a nice casual outfit for that excursion. Include personal toiletries as well. Pack everything in an easy-to-stow soft bag, as hard luggage has no place on a boat. Also, bring staples such as paper towels, plates, utensils, and other kitchenware, plus bed linens and towels, if these items aren’t aboard the boat. Pack plenty of marine head-friendly bath tissue and kitchen trash bags, and develop a plan for trash disposal.

Get Those Vacation Boat Rentals Underway

Let’s face it: those vacation boat rentals aren’t going to book themselves. So, take the plunge and make that vacation happen by reserving your ideal boat through Boatsetter,  the premier boat-sharing company that makes it simple for boaters to hook up with local boat owners. Maybe you’re located near the United States’ Atlantic, Pacific, or Gulf Coasts. Or, you might be within reach of a beautiful inland lake with lots of boating action. Well, Boatsetter lists privately owned sailboats and powerboats in many of these desirable spots, plus international locations: While you’re renting the boat, you can hire a Coast Guard-licensed captain to operate it, giving you some much-needed R&R time. So, grab your calendar and book your Boatsetter boat now – and enjoy a well-deserved vacation you’ll remember for years. Book today - This summer's gonna fly by!


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