How to Choose a Charter Boat Captain

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 5, 2017

Hiring a charter boat captain to navigate your day on the water is a great way to experience all that the water has to offer while avoiding any stress or all the responsibilities associated with handling the boat. When you use a boat sharing company such as Boatsetter to choose your boating transportation, it is quick and easy to add a certified and professional boat captain to the package.

Choosing your Charter Boat Captain

While the charter boat captain is working for you he or she will also be a big part of your day. Potential renters can always ask any questions ahead of time through the Boatsetter system. You may want to ask about their experience, safety record or even any special interests they may have. All of these are pertinent questions, but just how can you tell if you will enjoy hours at sea with a particular person. You might even want to touch base with the Captain about the weather, what you are allowed to bring on the boat or suggestions for fun places to go!

Are they flexible when it comes to unexpected weather and water conditions?

Why waste a day on the water just because the water in one direction is choppy? An experienced boat captain will be able to change plans and head off to another spot with better conditions. He or she will know plenty of alternate sightseeing and fishing locations as well as all of the best on-water restaurants.

What types of boat charters do they perform the most?

Of course, any experienced charter boat captain can navigate the waterways. The types of charters they enjoy or spend the majority of their time doing could play a role in your day on the water. If the captain is more of a deep sea fishing type, and you want to just swim, snorkel and lounge in the sun, it might not be a good fit. Likewise, if they’re used to sightseeing, dolphin watching and sunset cruises, they may not be familiar with where to catch trophy size marlin, tuna and sailfish.

Are they comfortable with kids?

Even though it is up to the parent to control their children on board a boat, it is ultimately the captain’s responsibility for the safety of everyone on board. Make sure that your charter boat captain is comfortable with any young children or teenagers that may be in your group. Many boat captains enjoy introducing basic boating skills to interested young boaters.

Booking your charter with a boat captain included is a great way to ensure that you and your friends or family will enjoy the boat trip. Your captain allows you to unplug and enjoy fun water bound activities from snorkeling and diving to deep sea fishing or even having cocktails while watching the sunset…you can relax, because the captain’s doing all the work for you!

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