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10 Deep Sea Fishing Tips for Tourists & Beginners

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 6, 2017

Last Updated on January 12, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

Whether trolling for kingfish, bottom fishing for grouper and snapper or offshore fishing for blue marlin and black fin tuna, a day of deep sea fishing can be an adventurous and adrenaline pumping experience. If chasing the big fish is on your agenda, check out Boatsetter, a great way to get anglin’ even if you don’t own a boat, are traveling away from your own boat or have no boating experience. Your private Deep sea fishing boat rental will take you and your crew out into the deep waters of the ocean where big game fish such as tuna, swordfish and sailfish live.

If you’ve never been on a deep sea fishing excursion, we’ve provided a list of tips that could help you land a big one. If you’re an experienced angler, there’s always a chance that you might learn a new trick or two.

10 deep sea fishing tips for tourists

ship wreck

1. Check out the reefs and wrecks. The small fish that live among shipwrecks and natural and artificial reefs are prime targets for big fish. This is your chance to nab a big fish in its own hunting grounds.

2. When fishing for yellowfin tuna, keep an eye out for dolphins. The two often travel together.

3. If you notice seagulls or other birds flying around a certain area, there could be a school of small fish that they are trying to turn into dinner. In turn, there could be large fish on the prowl for the smaller ones.

4. Use fast-trolling lures to catch fast fish like tuna.

reef fishing

5. Anchor the boat and drop bait down into the reef to catch fish such as grouper or snapper.

6. If you’re bottom fishing, use lures like large heavy-duty jigs to get the bait down deep into the water.

7. Use natural or artificial bait to troll around a tower or buoy to get the attention of fish.

boat gps 2

8. A fish finder, GPS or nautical map can come in handy on deep sea fishing trips. Most sport fishing boats come fully equipped with all of the latest navigational gear and equipment.

9. If you’re prone to motion sickness or have never been out on a deep sea fishing boat, it is a good idea to take some type of medication beforehand. It is not nearly as effective after the fact. If you do start to feel queasy, it is best to stay up on deck in the fresh air and watch the horizon. Don’t go below deck thinking you can sit or lie down. Trust us on this one. Nobody wants to ruin a trip with seasickness.

10. Finally, take an expert with you. No one, especially an inexperienced boater, should ever be out alone.

If an epic fishing experience is on your agenda, a boat rental may be the perfect way to make it happen. Check out thousands of boats in cities all over the world. Hire a captain to guide you to best fishing spots or, if you are experienced, be your own captain! A private deepsea fishing experience beats a crowded, over-worked tourist boat excursion any day. Book your boat rental today at

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