Your Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Wakeboard Boat

Written by Mariah Hoefle
May 23, 2019

Last Updated on January 13, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

From Yamaha’s to Matercraft’s there’s an abundance of great wakeboarding boats that provide the speed needed to hit the water for some amazing water sports action. But when it comes to wakeboarding, there are a few boats that stand out amongst the rest. Ideally, the perfect wakeboarding boat will provide some luxury and comfort, so you can kick back and relax on the boat while also delivering a lot of horsepower so you can go wakeboarding at top speeds any time of the year. To get you on your way to finding the perfect wakeboarding boat, we’ve compiled this guide of the best boats out there along with some advice for how you can rent a boat to see if it fits your wakeboarding needs.

Supra boats are known for their precision and speed

With the addition of the new Supra 2019 SE, you can expect to have access to one of the highest precision towboats on the water. With 450 – 575 horsepower, this bad boy can outperform most of its competitors when it comes to speed, making it the perfect boat for wakeboarding. In fact, “the SE comes standard with premium wake and surf technologies that have made it the towboat of choice for pros around the world who demand the cleanest and most precise wakes.”

Nautique wake boats give Supra’s a run for their money

Known as one of the fleets of boats that leads the industry in terms of wake performance, the Nautique G-series have become some of the most innovative boats on the water. Awarded the Rider’s Choice Award at the 5X Wakeboard and 4X Wakesurf Boat of the Year, the Nautique G-23 has been dominating the water ever since it has been on the market. With some of the slickest interior and exterior design, this boat is built to achieve top speeds while providing ultimate comfort for its passengers.

And then there’s Mastercraft

Made with the ambition to provide the best on-water experiences for wakeboarders and water skiers alike, the new Mastercraft X22 is a boat to be reckoned with. At 22-feet, it’s a bit smaller in size than the Supra 2019 SE but can handle the water just as well. While it’s a lighter boat with less seating options, this baby can absolutely fly. Build with 3550 pounds of ballast and a new intelligent Switchback Ballast Tank, this boat is perfect for going heavy and hard or slow and low to create waves for amateur and experienced wakeboarders alike.

Rent a wakeboarding boat first to see if it packs the punch

With a wakeboarding boat rental from Boatsetter, you can dive headfirst into the world of wakeboarding to see which boat is right for you. With towboats from Miami to Greece, there are options for boat rentals across the world, which allow you to test the boat out and hit the waves before purchasing one. You can even offset the costs by meeting with the original owner and snagging one of last year’s models.

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