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Spring Break: Not Just For College Kids Anymore!

Boatsetter Team
Written by Boatsetter Team
January 2, 2018

When we think of Spring Break, we often associate the holiday with college kids letting loose, hanging on the beach, and having a great time. What if we told you a yacht charter would change the whole idea of Spring Break into something exclusive and aimed toward a more mature experience? That’s right! This holiday that runs in mid-March is the perfect time to gather the family together and some of your closest friends because yacht charters are waiting.

If you want to view the water in a whole new light, opt to view it while on a private chartered yacht. These yachts are available for rent on a daily basis or weekend basis and come complete with an experienced captain who will navigate you through the waterways and open ocean.

What Does a Yacht Charter Offer?

When you board a yacht and charter it around, you are exposing yourself to an abundance of fun things to see and do. From absolutely breathtaking views to relaxing sunrise and sunset escapes: yachts offer a whole new way to enjoy a day on the water.

Yachts separate themselves from regular powerboats in that they come with a host of amenities directly on them. From kitchens to bathrooms and bedrooms to stand up showers. After a long day on the water, simply freshen up right on your very own private yacht charter.

The destinations you can travel to become almost endless on a yacht. Since these vessels are large and powerful, cruising to destinations that are further away become possible. Choose from a fleet of impressive yachts and select one that catches your eye. From expansive decks to walk-on bows, the options when renting are bountiful. Yacht charters come complete with a licensed and expert captain who will ensure a reliable, personal, and smooth ride.

Imagine seeing all of the Spring Break fireworks right from your own private vessel. This holiday is no longer simply for college students. Being aboard a yacht it sure to exceed your expectations as these impressive vessels are nothing short of stunning. Enjoy an exhilarating, once in a lifetime experience with some of your closest friends and family: that’s what you will get when you rent a yacht.

Creating lasting memories that are both unique and special is priceless. It’s time to relax and take it all in, you deserve it. Browse a selection of impressive yachts, reserve, and book, it’s that easy. Enjoy the true spirit of adventure with yachts that are designed to give you the experience of a lifetime. Some yachts also boast efficient space for gatherings and events. Throw a Spring Break event like no other with yachts that can occupy ample space for wining, dining, dancing, and enjoying each others company.

Looking for a yacht charter for the most memorable Spring Break yet? Browse the Boatsetter fleet of yachts: it is step one toward a memory-filled holiday. Determine how many individuals would accompany you and pack your bags because fun and excitement is right around the corner.

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