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Top Fishing Charters in Hollywood

Miami Beach, FL


The Ultimate Adventure onboard the Boston Whaler!

1-11 passengers Captain Included

Fort Lauderdale, FL


My Miss Kitty Fishing Charters - Ft. Lauderdale

1-4 passengers Captain Included

Miami Beach, FL


23' Center console NN Patagonia in Miami Beach, FL!

1-8 passengers Captain Included

Coral Gables, FL


Authentic Miami Experience on Dusky 233!

1-6 passengers Captain Included

Boca Raton, FL


Awesome Fishing Machine for Charters

1-6 passengers Captain Included

Fort Lauderdale, FL


21' Nautic Star Boat for 6 people!

1-6 passengers Captain Included

Great Options Your Hollywood Fishing Charter

Did you know that you can charter a fishing boat from Hollywood and sail it all the way down the coast to Miami? Hollywood is also close to Fort Lauderdale. Explore the long Hollywood Beach Broadwalk as well as the outdoor amphitheater at ArtsPark. Visit the Anne Kolb Nature Center, a reserve with mangrove trails and an aquarium.

When you look at splitting the cost with a few friends, you'll discover lots of boats that will fit your budget. The clean blue coastal waters will be perfect for your Hollywood fishing charter.

Fishing in Hollywood

Here are three of the most popular Hollywood fishing charter trips for you and your friends to take.

Fish at Dania Beach Pier

Visit Dania Beach and fish around the pier. Enjoy amazing fishing conditions and stunning scenery. Try your luck catching sharks off the waters of the nearby Pompano Beach.

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Fish at Anglin's Pier

This is the longest pier in South Florida, and it is open 24 hours a day for fishing. Also try the Southport Raw Bar, which offers free docking fees for your Hollywood fishing charter and huge platters of fresh king crab.

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Fish the Beaches

Dock your Hollywood fishing charter and cast your line from the beach. Meet other boaters around the historic Himmarshee Village, and also mingle with tourists from all over the world.

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Best Places to Fish in Hollywood

There are more than 20 miles worth of calm beachfront water to explore on your Hollywood fishing charter.

Explore the Beaches

Sail your Hollywood fishing charter north to Dania Beach, Pompano Beach, Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, and Deerfield Beach. These are some of the fishing highlights that line the Atlantic coast and have piers to dock your boat.

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Port Everglades

Just outside Hollywood is a busy cruise terminal called Port Everglades, which brings in plenty of tourists. Large schools of fish frequent the waters around this prime location.

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Intracoastal Waterway

This is a body of freshwater and saltwater combined, so it makes for great fishing options. There are lots of hidden fishing holes, as well as attractive sightseeing opportunities all along the waterway.

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How to Fish in Hollywood, Florida

When you charter a boat in Hollywood, here are some things to consider first.


Choose the Type of Fishing

The type of fishing you will be doing will affect the kind of bait and tackle that you get, as well as the types of navigation you use when you are on the water.


Find Fishing Holes

Find the fishing holes that are most convenient for the type of boat you are chartering. The Intracoastal Waterway can be an excellent place to start looking for suitable locations.


Special Regulations

Pay attention to the special rules and regulations for operating charters in the Hollywood area, such as certain limits on where gasoline motors can be used and other safety equipment requirements.

Types of Fish in Hollywood

If you have decided on a fishing trip to Hollywood, there are so many spectacular species of fish you can catch.

Silky Snapper

Schools of silky snapper can be found in the deeper reefs and rocky bottoms up to 450 feet. Deep dropping is the best way to pinpoint the exact areas where these fish congregate.

Blackfin Tuna

In the spring, large schools of blackfin tuna migrate along the coast as they head north. Tuna fishing in Hollywood is most effective with live bait which can be used to attract the sharp-eyed fish.


Redfish can be found inshore where they have been known to eat anything they can catch. From the flats to the mangroves, redfish can usually be caught with even the lightest of tackle.

Top Types of Fishing in Hollywood, Florida

When you charter a boat in Hollywood, there are many different types of fishing to try.

Offshore Fishing

Drop anchor from your Hollywood fishing charter near the shore and spend a few hours fishing in the shallow waters offshore.

Try the Intracoastal Waterway

For freshwater options, the Intracoastal Waterway is definitely the best way to go. Think about the types of fish you’d like to catch and bring the right type of gear with you on your charter.

Fishing Around Anglin's Fishing Pier

Anglin's Fishing Pier in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea offers sand and reef fishing. If you walk on the pier, you can look through the slats and see all the tropical fish around the wooden columns of the pier.

Hollywood, Florida Fishing Seasons

Fishing can be excellent in Hollywood during every season. If you charter a boat in Hollywood, here are a few things to expect.



Try some bottom fishing as you guide your Hollywood charter far offshore. The weather may be a little chilly at times, but that's what your cabin is for!



Greater amberjack, yellowtail, and other reef fish can often be caught during the month of February.



Hollywood's waters are full of reef fish and even some bluefin tuna will be in the water as the temperatures start rising.



Try some fishing for cobia or other common fish like king mackerel during the warmer month of April.



May is the best month in Hollywood for offshore fishing. Trophy catches like blue marlin and sailfish are the prime targets at this time of year.



Anchor your fishing charter off the coast, drop a few lines, and hope to catch some bluefin tuna.



July is usually the hottest month in Hollywood, and it is a good time to try for red snappers and tarpon.



August is an ideal time for offshore fishing for all types of pelagic fish.



Look out for blackfin tuna and sailfish just a few miles from the shore.



Cruise the beautiful waters on your Hollywood fishing charter and try to catch some reef fish in the cooler weather.



November is still a good time for bottom fishing for pelagics from your Hollywood fishing charter.



Temperatures may be cooler, but bottom fishing offshore is still an effective fishing technique during December.

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