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Phoenix, Arizona, AZ

Known as the “Valley of the Sun,” Phoenix, Arizona is one of those wonderful southwestern capitals where you can go to escape the cold. With year-round warmth, even in the coldest months and temperatures averaging well above 70 - 100 degrees throughout the year, Phoenix is one of the best places to vacation to. Filled with golf courses designed by Jack Nicklaus and cacti that line its valleys, Phoenix is also nestled up against the Salt River Valley. Because of the city’s close proximity to several different bodies of water and its hot desert climate, Phoenix is the perfect place to hit the water and cool down with a Phoenix boat rental



Rent a Bayliner speedboat and go water skiing

There are few better ways to escape the hot summer days than with the perfect speedboat rental. Whether you’re looking to cruise the nearby Tempe Town Lake in style or want to get in on some water sport activities, with the right speedboat there’s little you can’t do. You can pack some lunches and some cold ones to have lunch on the boat while admiring the beautiful scenery that surrounds the lake. You can also go water skiing or wakeboarding with your friends and family and get some exercise in while enjoying your Phoenix getaway.

Dock up at the sandbar and enjoy some fun in the sun

Once you’ve gotten in on some water sport action it’s time to anchor up your Phoenix boat rental at one of the nearby sandbars. Known for being the area where all your fellow boaters like to congregate, the sandbar is a perfect place to meet other locals and visitors alike. From here you can relax on the boat and enjoy that nice summer warmth. You can also go for a nice dip in the water when things get too heated and swim through the lake’s cool, fresh water. Don’t forget to bring some sunglasses and a hat because things can really heat up in Phoenix!

Take your boat rental up to Lake Pleasant

Known for being one of the most prominent artificial reservoirs surrounding the Phoenix metropolitan area, Lake Pleasant is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. This amazing lake is where the Arizonans and visitors alike go to escape the city heat and hit the water for some fun in the sun. Extending over 10,000 acres with it’s clean, fresh lake water, this Arizona getaway is the perfect place for a Lake Pleasant boat rental. Once you’ve hit the water with your boat rental you can go fishing and even dock up at one of the Lake’s many restaurants for some fine dining.

Get out the ole’ rod and go fishing

Now that you’ve got your boat rental and you’ve made it out on the water, it’s time to unleash the ole’ angler inside of you. Since rainbow trout and sunfish run rampant through the area’s locals reservoirs like Alvord Lake and Cortez Lake, there are few better places to cast your line into the water and do some fishing. Since you need a license to fish in Arizona, you can also book a fishing trip with one of Boatsetter’s experienced captains who can show you the ropes and make sure you’re getting the most out of your Phoenix boat rental experience

Enjoy the Phoenix Water Lantern Festival from the boat

There are few things more beautiful than watching hundreds of glowing lanterns float through the night sky above the water. In the summer in Phoenix, this is exactly what happens during the Phoenix Water Lantern Festival. To get the most out of your experience you can rent a boat in Phoenix and watch this spectacular event from the water while admiring Phoenix’s beautiful cityscape at night.