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“Like in a dream ! Xavier, the co-founder of Speedboat Xperience shares with you an intimate post, on all the reasons why they launched this activity of private premium charter speedboats in Phuket. Once a sea man, always a sea man ! I am born and raised in Guadeloupe, an insular region of France located in the Leeward Islands, part of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. By the way, its ancient Creole name, Karukera, means “the island of beautiful waters”. Guadeloupe is a curious mixture of indolence and agitation, wind and rain, tropical heat and air-conditioned freshness, turquoise lagoons and sheer cliffs, volcano and orange sand, banana and sugarcane… And i have to admit that the “Once a sea man, always a sea man” is a true quote as for me ! I have been a sailor, as far back as I can remember. The sea has kind of forged me and is part of my daily life. Add to this passion of the sea, the love of the speed & the love of mechanics and you have pretty much what defines me the most deepest. When a dream changes your entire life My best friend Kanoo is a long time Thailand lover. His wife is from the north of Thailand. Therefore, he travels to Thailand every year to meet with her family and spend some quality time in her village. He also knows really well the other parts of the country. While I was building by myself the “Redneck” speedboat in Guadeloupe, I received a call from Kanoo. I still remember his excitement on the phone and his cheerful voice ! He was talking so fast that i couldn’t get a word from it.. Back then, he was on vacation in Thailand, in Koh Phi Phi with his family. While resting on the beach, he fell asleep and had a wild dream : he saw me arriving on the Redneck Speedboat, to pick him up and take him traveling to others islands around Phuket. A premonitory dream like a vision As a matter of fact, we often say that dreams are a dialogue we have with ourselves. Contrary to “normal” dreams, these particular dreams contain non-symbolic information that “speaks for itself”: the images are much clearer, more “real” than in a usual dream. His premonitory dream felt so real that 3 weeks after his crazy dream, the speedboat Redneck was arriving in Phuket for good ! And i was settling for good too, in Phuket. The rest is history ”

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