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About Eric

“Before you embark on a vessel and trust your life into someone's hands, you need to know a bit about the person in charge, in other words, the captain. I have sailed since I was 12 years old and never stopped since. My best memories as a teenager are made of many moments spent with friends in the main cabin around a warm meal and red wine or solo sailing at the wheel in 30 knots of wind and the sun rising. Memories like sailing with a broken rudder in 30 knots of gusty winds, diving to untangle the rope caught on the propeller or a fishing net around the rudder and many more tribulations too long to list here. I have sailed the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the Caribbean and many places along the Eastern U.S seaboard. Since 2004, I have a USCG 100 ton offshore captain license. For an extensive resume of my sailing experience, please contact me. By the way, I am French but also speak fluent Italian and basic Spanish. I am working on Portuguese :) The point is that sailing is not something you learn in a book or in a classroom, you have to put in the hours and slowly but surely you will learn something every time and gain that experience and respect for the sea. If there is one simple lesson I have learned in my 45 years of sailing experience it would be that the sea is unforgiving. If you make one mistake, one way or another, you will pay for it. Which brings me to safety. My main concern when sailing with guests or students is safety first and foremost. My second most important goal is to insure that my guests and students enjoy their sailing experience to the fullest. Sailing is supposed to be fun and I will make every effort possible to make it so.”

Aboard since 2015

From Branford, CT

Reviews of Eric (4)

  • We had a wonderful day on the water with Captain Eric. He’s a skilled yachtsman who makes sailing look effortless !!! Friendly & low keyed he set the tone for a fun, relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable day. Seven adults & three children will always remember this 40 th Birthday Celebration!!

  • Eric is an amazing and accommodating captain. My wife and i did an overnight (as part of our honeymoon) with Eric out of Sag Harbor and we couldn't be happier. He and his wife Sylvie were very extremely friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the area. They showed us all over but also let us choose what we wanted to do. Great people and a great time.

  • My family had a wonderful time with seeing the Thimble Islands on Eric's boat. The ride, the view, the company, and the conversation were delightful. I cannot recommend this experience more highly.

  • Eric was an amazing host -- accommodating, communicative and so much fun! He took myself and 8 of my friends out for the day and made it so easy for us. We chatted the day before and he gave me the details of the plans, answered all my (stupid) questions, and offered recommendations of where to go and what to see. As soon as we arrived the day of sail, the boat was ready to go and all we needed to do was step on. Not to mention, the boat is AWESOME! It was clean, big enough for all of us, and a smooth sailor (no one got seasick!!). Our day was flawless -- all because of Eric's preparedness, knowledge and flexible AND fun personality.