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Boatsetter’s Guide to What Makes a True Water Dweller in 2019

With the 2020 NMMA boat shows on the horizon and the 2019 Fourth of July holiday boating season underway, there has never been a more important time to self identify as a serious boater. But what makes a serious boater? Is it the way you live out your lifestyle or the kind of beer you wish to drink daily? Perhaps, it’s in the quality of your sunburn. Well, that’s what we’re here for to find out today. With thousands of boat owners, boat captains, and recreational boating enthusiasts alike we’ve seen it all, and we’re pretty sure we’ve figured out what makes a true boater. At Boatsetter, we know that whether you purchase or rent a boat, you instantly become part of a community when you step onboard. But now is the time to put the boater to the test, and we’re here to guide you along the way!

You Might Be a Boater If …

The members of your community have some traits and characteristics that allow you to quickly pick them out of a crowd at your next boater safety course. See that guy? Over there. He’s a boater for sure. You can tell by his sunglass tan line. And that’s not all. At Boatsetter, we’ve identified a few humorous ways to spot a boater.

You might be a boater if… wake up on your boat.

...your wife and your boat share the same name.

…boat hair is a regular style for you.

…people don’t recognize you without a hat and sunglasses.

…your feet have tan lines.

…smelling like fish is a regular part of life.

…a Jimmy Buffet song is your favorite tune.

…Labor Day, Memorial Day and the 4th of July are your favorite days of the year.

…you’re on a first name basis with the local game wardens.

…you can park a trailer on the first try.

…you can tie more than three kinds of knots.

…the first thing you do in the morning is to check the weather.

…swimsuits are restaurant, church, and grocery shopping attire.

…you eat more than three Publix subs a week.

…you have a favorite launch site, secluded beach and boat ramp.

…you point and say to a friend, “on the starboard side.”

…you wear Sperry’s six days a week.

…the employees at Bass Pro Shops greet you by name.

….you’ve got raccoon eyes from your sunglass tan.

…you own more long sleeves than short sleeves.

…purchasing sunglasses is a big deal.

…you knew how to tie a bowline before you could tie your shoes.

…you buy all stainless steel appliances because you get that rust is a real problem.

…you use the word “helm” in the car.

…you use birds as an identifier for good fishing with your fishing boat rental.

…you refuse to bring bananas on a trip.

…you own multiple coolers; one for fish and one for food and drinks.

…you have more filet knives than butter knives.

…you had to purchase a separate freezer to store your catch.

…you’ve been stopped by the United States Coast Guard more than the local police.

…you use non-ethanol fuel.’re from NYC but you rent a boat in the Hamptons.

…not by choice, you go blonde in the summer.

…you plan your vacations around large bodies of water.

…fishing season is more exciting than the holidays.

…there are more than three fishing poles in your garage.

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Then, there you go. You’re officially a boater! As boaters, we know it is this sense of community that draws many of us to keep lakes, rivers, and the ocean as part of their lives. Although bonds may form over trivial things like types of boats, swimming spots or watersports, as a part of the boating community and boater safety course enthusiasts, we know that the bond runs deeper: it’s about a love for the natural environment.

If you’re a newbie you’ll be welcomed into the club. If you’re a veteran you’ll do the welcoming. So whether you’re island hopping in the British Virgin Islands or hanging out with a speed boat on Lake Travis, there is always something to learn and no one is ever above sharing the knowledge with a fellow skipper. You’ll find a community when on the water, and you’ll be glad to stay a member. We’re proud to be part of the boating community throughout the country and we welcome you with open arms to the club.

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