Virginia’s Lake Anna, A Haven For Any Adventurer

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Lake Anna, Virginia

Just 72 miles south of our nation's capital, lies Lake Anna in the lush Lake Anna State Park. Referred to as ‘Gold Hill’, this former goldmine hotspot is one of Central Virginia’s largest freshwater lakes. Awash with natural wildlife both above and below the water, its renewable hydroelectric dam has been a source for progression since the late 1960s. Neighboring cities Charlottesville, Richmond, and Fredericksburg also ensure a taste of local history. Varying outdoor pursuits and activities assure fun for the whole family. With over two-hundred rural miles of shoreline, stretching seventeen tranquil miles head-to-toe, a Lake Anna boat rentals can ensure you have a joyous experience as you explore this beautiful region.

Visit the children's fishing clinic

Angling can be a great way to teach your child about sea life and other useful life skills. An activity they may also remember fondly with as time passes. Why not dock your Lake Anna boat rental at the nearby Lake Anna State Park. Starting from 9 am and finishing at 1 pm, the State Park hosts a ‘Kids Trout Fishing Clinic’ event for ages 8 to 15. Up for grabs is a $75 gift certificate for a Virginia State Parks Annual Pass for the largest fish caught. No need to haul your own gear with you. Fishing tackle is readily available on loan from the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries. A helping hand from angling experts will be present should you need it.

Marvel at the Embankment Dam

Starting from your very own Lake Anna Boat Rentals boat, why not visit North Anna Dam. Built in the early ’70s for cooling nuclear reactors in the nearby power plant this is a wild sight for any curious visitor. Soaring at 90 feet tall, stretching over 5,000 feet long, the North Anna Dam is an engineering phenomenon. Navigable by boat via the lake’s 17-mile length, this height of human achievement should surely be on your list of landmarks to visit.

Greetings shoppers

Supplies for the voyage, or in search for the perfect souvenir? This can be tricky when not on dry land. Fortunately, The Boardwalk on Lake Anna has all your needs, guaranteed. As the name suggests, it's well located by the shoreline for easy access, via boat. Its array of convenience stores, local restaurants, and a good ole’ sports bars and grills should have you well catered for in this peaceful spot. If you feel the urge rising, paddleboards, kayaks, and other water sport rentals are readily available from the boardwalk as well.

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