There’s an Arizona Paradise in Lake Mead

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Lake Mead, Arizona

Only 24 miles from the Las Vegas Strip, there’s a massive lake on the Colorado River that straddles the state line between Arizona and Nevada. Lake Mead, known for being the largest reservoir in the entire United States in terms of water capacity, is the perfect place the gather your friends and family together for a little getaway. Filled with three major basins, there’s little you can’t do on this beautiful lake with your hands on the wheel of a nice Lake Mead boat rental. You can cruise the lake with your entire crew and see all this Arizona dream has to offer. Whether you’re an experienced angler looking to go fishing for some of the lake’s famed striped bass and bluegill, or a water sports enthusiast looking to get in on some water sports action, Boatsetter is here to guide you along the way.

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Over the years, Lake Mead has become particularly well known for its abundance of striped bass, sometimes weighing over forty pounds. With a water surface of over 290 square miles, there’s plenty of room for every angler to find a spot in the sun where they can fish with their crew. Since fishing in the area is allowed 24-hours per day, you can fish anytime you want and even get in on some night fishing if you’re up for the adventure. With fish cleaning stations available throughout the area, you can even take back what you caught and cook yourself a fine dinner after a long day on the water.

Boat to Lake Mead’s secluded coves

With such an abundance of water, there are several secluded coves in Lake Meade where you can escape the crowds and have a little bit of privacy and natural abundance on your Lake Mead boat rental. From here you can anchor up for a little bit and enjoy that nice Arizona sun as it shines down on you. You can even jump ship and take a cool swim in the lake’s fresh water while all the marine life swims across the lake floor below you. Just be sure to bring some sunglasses and a hat because it gets hot in Arizona!

Take a cruise to the Hoover Dam

Right on the border of Nevada and Arizona is the world famous Hoover Dam. Completed in 1936 during the Great Depression and dedicated to president Franklin D. Rosevelt, the Hoover Dam is arguably the best-known dam in the world. With a famous landmark like the dam so nearby, you can cruise on over with your boat rental from Lake Mead and see the enormous dam that we have all seen in the movies.

Dine lakeside at one of the lake’s many marinas

Now that you’ve seen the Hoover Dam, it’s time to head on over to Harbor House Cafe and Lounge. This nice little restaurant is located dockside at Hemenway Harbor and offers some of the areas best cocktails. With a sublime view of the water, this cute restaurant is the perfect place to dock up with your Lake Mead boat rental after a long day on the water and enjoy some deep fried shrimp and hot wings.

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