South Carolina’s Got an Outdoor Haven in Lake Wylie

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South Carolina’s Got an Outdoor Haven in Lake Wylie

Lake Wylie is a haven for water sport recreationists and anglers alike. Known for the speedboats and pontoons that cruise along its waterway, this man-made lake is a must visit for anyone looking to escape the city for some rest and relaxation. Snuggled up on the North Carolina and South Carolina border, this beautiful lake is home to more of the state’s most exotic marine life and water sport activities than anywhere else in the state of South Carolina. So grab your beach towel and get yourself a Lake Wylie boat rental with Boatsetter and embark on this adventure that's about to unfold!

Hop aboard a boat rental and go tubing

There are few things as fun as flying down the lake while tubing with a great boat rental. Incredible fun for adults and the young ones, hopping on a tube and hitting the fresh water cannot be missed. With a Lake Wylie boat rental, you can hop aboard a speedboat that comes packed with over 210 horsepower! At that speed, you can participate in all sorts of tubing competitions with the friends and family. In fact, you can even reach Lake Norman in less than two hours where there’s a boatload of additional activities to enjoy with your Lake Wylie boat rental. And if tubbing isn’t your thing, you can always partake in other water sports activities such as water skiing and wakeboarding.

Dock up at the nearby sandbar and hang out on the shore

Once you’ve given it your all at some good ole fun water sports, it’s time to dock-up your boat rental at one of Lake Wylie’s many well-known sandbars. From the sandbar, you can get in on the action and enjoy a little sunbathing from the shore for that perfect summer tan or take a dip in the water and go swimming. Due to its freshwater and seasonal climate, there’s no better time to go swimming in Lake Wylie than late summer! Once you’ve soaked up some of that afternoon sun, it’s time to hop back aboard your Lake Wylie boat rental and take a ride over to Copperhead Island where your adventure continues.

Explore the natural wonders of Copperhead Island

Once you’ve reached one of Copperhead Island’s four boat ramps with your Lake Wylie boat rental, there’s an abundance of activities you can do onshore after you’ve docked up. This lush, fourteen-acre island is home to many of South Carolina’s best-known species and summer activities. You can have a nice picnic with the whole group and even play horseshoes at one of the islands many recreational areas. There’s also a beach volleyball area if you feel like getting into some good sport and recreation as well as a number of fishing piers where you can bring your rods from the boat rental. And if you’d like to see some birds, be sure to bring a pair of binoculars so you can go birdwatching.  From sunrise to sunset, there are endless possibilities of what you can make of your Lake Wylie retreat with a Lake Wylie boat rental.

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