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7 Signs You’re Officially a South Floridian

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 6, 2017

Whether you were born in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Key West or West Palm Beach or not (see item #7), you can easily determine if you’ve officially become a South Floridian. Of course, there are some other factors that may be included but if you nail the majority of these…you can consider your SO-FLO status confirmed. You’re a South Floridian!

Are You a South Floridian?

Here are seven ways to check to see if you are a South Floridian, go ahead and skip to number one if you’d like:

7. You’re not from here.

It’s a conversation starter. “Nice to meet you Bill. Where are you from?”
To meet a native South Floridian is a rare occurrence; the majority of us came from somewhere else to be in the sun, under the palm tree with ocean breezes blowing through our hair.

6. You know mini lobster season is a major holiday.

No, it’s not about little lobsters. Mini lobster season is a 48 hour period prior to the start of the regular lobster season. It begins in late July and sends South Florida fishermen (and women) into a lobster-catching-frenzy!

5. You own hundreds of umbrellas.

Afternoon showers, errr, I mean downpours are no joke. An umbrella in every glove box, backpack, briefcase…it’s a mandatory South Florida thing!

4. You have a penchant for Cuban Coffee.

Any true South Floridian has tasted the strong, sweet java that is unique to the Cuban culture and, I think it’s safe to say, we love it! Whether you order a Cafecito, a Colada, a Cortadito or the standard Café Con Leche, Café Americana doesn’t hold a candle to the Cubano alternatives for us South Floridians, no matter where we were born!

3. You like to eat dolphin.

Animal lovers in the north are aghast when their South Floridian friends order blackened Dolphin from the local raw bar’s lunch menu. “You’re going to eat Flipper?” They cry out. We giggle and explain Dolphin is another name for Mahi Mahi that is an abundant bounty in South Florida’s waterways. Tips from the locals: always go for the blackened varietal with a nice cold beer to wash it down.

2. You never buy mangoes or avocados at the grocery store.

As if constant sunshine, the Atlantic Ocean, Miami in all its splendor, no winter and epic sunsets weren’t awesome enough perks of being a South Floridian, there’s more! South Floridians have an abundance of mango and avocado trees growing and everyone’s happy to share!

1. You can go boating anytime, even if you don’t have a boat.

Boating is an integral part of the South Florida Culture. (The state is a peninsula surrounded by ocean after all). Whether you prefer deep sea fishing far out in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, snorkeling in reefs around the Florida Keys or cruising along the dockside venues near Fort Lauderdale and Miami, there’s a boating choice for everyone.

And the best part is, now there is no need to own a boat or even have any experience to go boating! In South Florida (and really anywhere in the world) it is easier than ever to get out on a boat through boat sharing which puts boaters in touch with private owners for boat charters that can include an experienced captain so truly no experience is required. It’s as simple as choosing the boat with or without a captain and showing up.

In South Florida, boating is our life. We’re headed to the Sandbar this weekend, rain or shine, right after we stop off for a Cuban Coffee. We live in South Florida, that’s just what we do!

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