8 Ways to Soak in the Last Bit of Summer Sun

Written by Kristen Rogers
September 10, 2018

Last Updated on September 1, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

Whether you are headed back to school, or you’re gearing up for the busy holidays with your family, the last lingering bit of summer sun that leads us to autumn shouldn’t be wasted. Boatsetter has eight ways to soak up the last bit of warmth before the autumn chill sets in.

1. Go to a beach.

The beach is the best place to get the last rays of the year. You can take a boat out onto the water and cruise down the shore, hang out on the sand with a bonfire and music, or cool your feet in the rolling tide. Try to get all your friends together for one last beach party in the sun.

2. Take one last road trip.

Summer is often the best time to take vacations because the kids are out of school, it’s not a busy tax season at work, and you’re not juggling the holidays. So why not use the final dog days of summer to take one more trip? Hit the road and find some lakes along the way for some day boating on a pontoon or center console cruiser.

3. Finish your summer bucket list.

Many of us think up all the grand things we’re going to do over the summer, and then never get around to many of them. If you had a list of fun activities or places to go, why not try to check off as many as you can before the last bit of summer retires for the year?

4. Take indoor activities outside.

There are many things that we do inside that could be done outside just as easily. Technology makes it easier than ever to soak up some sun while you read, answer emails, or even work. Take your lunch breaks outside. Get in your exercise routine outdoors. Try paddle boarding, wake surfing, or skiing for a different take on your workout. Do whatever you can to bank some sun before the dark winter arrives.

5. Go floating on a river.

Floating is a fantastic way to spend a lazy summer day with your friends. You, an inner tube, some sunscreen, and maybe even a water-proof radio to listen to the game while you hang out. There’s nothing more relaxing than that! If you’re looking for a livelier day, then rent a pontoon, grab some friends, and party your way down the river bend.

6. Go fishing.

Summer is often the best time for fishing because the long daylight hours mean lots of time before and after work. Reel in the morning or cast away at dusk. Boatsetter offers half day or full day rentals that fit with any fishers busy schedules. But you can still hit the water at the tail end of summer – just bring along a headlamp for some after-dark fishing as well.

7. Have a cookout on the water.

A cookout is a great way to have one last summer party before everyone gets busy for the approaching school or holiday season. You can host a cookout by the lake so the water is easily accessible, or even have it on your boat. There are plenty of boats for rent that has built-in grilling systems or portables ones offered on the site. This combines two fun activities for one great day.

8. Go camping.

The end of summer is a great time for camping. Bring a kayak or canoe to have fun on the water, and sleep under the stars at night. You can even take a fun spin on the idea of “camping” and spend the night out under the stars on a boat. This is an experience unlike any other and adds a touch of luxury to the physical act of camping.

How are you spending the last few weeks of summer? We hope on the water! Check out the Boatsetter fleet to get out on the water TODAY!

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