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9 Reasons We’re Heading to the Florida Keys this January

Written by Boatsetter Team
January 5, 2018

Last Updated on January 13, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

There is no better way to escape the winter blues than by heading to warmer weather. With an average January temperature of 72 degrees, it’s no wonder why Florida is the perfect getaway.  Besides having the perfect weather, here are a few of the other great reasons you need to book your flight to the Sunshine State now!

See why we’re visiting the Florida Keys this January

1. Greater Amberjack Season Opens

Florida is the fishing capital of America and there is no better time to head down there than during the Greater Amberjack fishing season. The Greater Amberjack is a fisherman’s dream and with such a short window where it is not only around, but actually legal to catch, you better grab the opportunity while you can.

2. Key Largo Sailfish Challenge

Are you ready to test your skills against some of the biggest game? Florida is the famous hotspot for the sailfish and during January you can go toe to toe with some of the best. Think you have what it takes to compete in the Keys? Unfortunately the challenge is taking a pause in 2018 due to the effects of Hurricane Irma, but there’s still tons of smaller tournaments you can find in the Keys.

3. Key West Sailfish Mayhem

The Sailfish Mayhem is still a competition, but the spirit is a little more easygoing. Here it is more about having a good time more than anything else. And if you happen to be traveling with a couple of land lubbers, there are plenty of associated events going along with it.

4. Key West Fishing Tournament

While the aforementioned event is a little more fun, the Key West Fishing Tournament is a great opportunity to put your charter boat to good use. This tournament kicks off January 1st and features over 40 different species! Best of all is there is a host of prizes to be won!

5. Food and Wine Festival

The food and wine festivals in January have a little something for everyone. Located along the scenic Florida coastline, you can sample some of the best food and beverages from not only around Florida, but around the world. The best is probably the Uncorked Festival which lasts over 10 days and is one of the best ways to explore the keys by hopping from island to island and enjoying everything you can.

6. Florida Keys Seafood Festival

Whether you catch it yourself or just love some good seafood, you can’t miss this event. The seafood festival is everything great about the keys: good weather, good food, and good times. What else more could you want?

7. Annual Nautical Expo

The Nautical Expo aka Nautical Flea Market is every fisherman’s dream. It is a great place to stock up on gear and find cool nautical themed things for your boat, home or even your office!

8. Island Boat Show and Festival

Boat shows are always great. But what makes them better is when you can actually see the boats in action! The Island Boat Show while not the biggest in Florida is considered the best. It’s when you get the first real glimpse of the new vessels for the new year while being packed with tons of other fun events to do.

9. Cheeca Lodge Sailfish Tournament

The Cheeca Lodge Tournament is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a smaller, but more crafted tournament. It is an opportunity to truly fish in style and win some seriously great prizes as well!

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