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Achieving a Top Owner Badge on Boatsetter: 3 Tips for Success

Written by Boatsetter Team
April 25, 2023

Last Updated on November 22, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

Ever think: If I got the Top Owner Badge, there’s no telling what my boat rental business would do. Say, how does the Boatsetter distribute Top Owner Badges? You’ve come to the right post, but before we begin, we want to let you know we already believe you’re worthy of it. 

This is the path to follow if you’re interested in getting the Top Owner Badge on Boatsetter: 

  1. Complete all bookings to make your boat listing highly visible
  2. Create an experience to secure repeat bookings
  3. Learn from other Owner’s: Read up on Boatsetter Owner Stories 
  4. Download The Boatsetter Owner App*

Follow these tips and, maybe just maybe, the badge will be yours. 

List. Rent. Earn— Only at Boatsetter

But first, an inside view into the awarding algorithm 

The awarding algorithm determines qualified Owners on the first of every month! Owners must have at least one active boat and be in the 10 percent of Owners with the most completed booking in the last 365 days (this criteria is across the entire platform and all locations)

The cool thing about this badge is, it highlights YOU, not just your trusty vessel; if just one of your boats has completed enough bookings, the badge will show on all of your boat listings.  

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1. Complete all bookings 

What’s really important is that you complete all the bookings possible! We’ll be steering renters your way, you can count on that. All you need to do is: 

  • Always have your calendar up-to-date- Your availability is key to receiving booking requests that work for you. As your schedule changes, make sure your availability is updated. This way, you only get quality leads and complete more bookings on the days your boat is available. Learn more about updating your calendar here. 
  • If you receive a booking request, but your boat is unavailable it’s a good idea to message the renter. Something as simple as “Sorry! My boat is unavailable on this day. I can edit your booking to my next available slot, would you like that?”
  • Respond to renter communications quickly and amicably- Make sure to reply promptly and be friendly and approachable, answering all questions regarding your boat, Add-ons, logistics, and more. This way, they’ll have a full picture of the process and be more likely to book your boat.

Pro tip: The key to managing all inquiries is to respond effectively and efficiently. Set up 30 minutes, 3 times a day, to respond to all inquiries. 

Complete all bookings possible, and in no time, the badge can be yours!

Make your boat listing highly visible

Another element to success is making your boat highly visible on the platform. Your boat listing headline and photos are the perfect place to show off your vessel and grab a prospective renter’s attention. Here are two essential Boatsetter Owner posts that’ll help you to boost your visibility: 

Last, but certainly not least is managing your canceled bookings. If you ever need to cancel a trip, don’t just ‘ghost’ the renter or suddenly go ‘MIA’ (missing in action). Follow the last-minute cancellation protocol so that this renter comes back and rents from you in the near future. 

2. Create an experience   

top owners- own the moment

Here at Boatsetter, we encourage renters to ‘Rent the boat. Own the moment,’ which means we need our Owners’ help in creating special moments for boaters all across the country. That said, we want to deliver the best experience possible so that time and time again, renters come back—and hopefully book with you again and again.

Really, it’s in the small gestures of the trip that can help you can hook a renter and get repeat bookings. Here are small yet thoughtful gestures that create memorable moments for renters: 

  • Work with your renters to personalize their booking to celebrate special occasions—think birthdays, marriage proposals, and anniversaries. Coordinating with a renter to arrange a surprise with flowers or a bottle of champagne when they arrive on board can go a long way.
  • Ask if they have any questions in advance of the trip. For bookings without captains, some frequently asked questions might include: How do they connect to the boat’s Bluetooth speakers, where is the best place to store bags and towels onboard so they stay dry, or where are the best local spots for swimming, snorkeling or exploring a sandbar.
  • Find out if your renters will have children in their party, and plan small, yet impactful ways to make their time onboard special. For example, you could surprise them with an opportunity to wear a captain’s hat or serve as the boat’s ‘first mate.’

If you haven’t already, make sure to also brush up on your boat hosting skills

Your boat, your rules

This experience goes two ways, you want to build a connection with renters you trust. Many of your renters may have never stepped foot on a boat before or are very new to understanding basic boating etiquette. We strongly recommend you go over your boat rules. Things you may want to cover during Check-in, for example, are: 

  • Taking off their shoes before coming on board (Pro tip: Have a basket right on the dock where they can place their shoes as they board).
  • Ask them to apply sunscreen at the dock before boarding or communicate in advance that you only allow for rub-on sunscreen and spray sunscreen is prohibited on your boat.
  • Don’t allow glass onboard? Remind them of this a few days before they trip so they can properly plan what drinks they will bring aboard.

If by the end of the trip, you feel like you trust this renter and would like them to come back, tell them! Encourage the renters you like to book with you again: ask them how their trip went, and let them know you’ll be here, at the dock, ready to greet them for the next one.

3. Learn from other Owner’s

Here at Boatsetter, we’re really proud of what we’re putting together and each of you helping us to propel our mission onward! We make a point to feature you whenever possible. Connecting via our Facebook Owner Group and reading about other Owners journeys on Boatsetter is a great way to learn ways how other owners have found success on the platform. 

READ MORE: At the Helm with Boatsetter Owners- Q&A with Amal Salameh, New York

4. Download The Boatsetter Owner App

Did you know? 95% of Top Owners use The App.* We’re always looking to grow our Top Owners list by sharing important findings like this! We encourage you to follow the steps of Top Owners, download The Boatsetter Owner App today (App Store | Google Play), and enjoy being an on-the-water entrepreneur.

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