Boating with Kids

Activities on the Water for the Little Ones

Written by Boatsetter Team
September 1, 2020

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Safe Things to Do While on Your Boat Charter

Lots of people enjoy taking charter yacht vacations as forms of summer activities for kids. It is a good idea to expose children to water early in their lives so that they can grow up with a healthy respect for the potential dangers of the ocean. Family boating and water sports for kids have become increasingly popular over the past few years. However, when traveling the water with young children, it is vital to provide lots of activities (especially on rainy days) so that they don’t become bored. Even more important is to make sure that these activities are safe and secure for everybody.

Life Jackets, PFDs, and Floaties

It is essential to carry plenty of life jackets and PFDs onboard your rented boat. No matter how well you and your family can swim, there are often strong currents and tides that can pull you under or drag you far from your boat. Take the time to make sure you have enough safety equipment for every person on your rented boat. Also, modern floaties come shaped like donuts, unicorns, or pizza slices! All of these are fun accessories to have on your rented boat, especially if you are travelling with your family and if you are looking for things for the kids to do in the water.

Family Boating Vacations

It is generally easy to keep your children entertained because water is one of the greatest wonders of the world. Whether you are on a lake or in the great blue sea, there is always something to be discovered. Your children can swim, snorkel, fish or even try out some watersports. You don’t even need to own a boat to enjoy a boating vacation. You can rent a privately-owned boat or yacht from all the major cities in the United States and beyond! Read more about how to secure a boat rental within a wide range of budgets. You also have the option of renting many boats with a captain who will do all of the work, including navigation, preparation, and cleanup. The only requirement from you and your family is to get on board and enjoy yourselves.

Rainy Days

It is an unfortunate fact that you will sometimes experience rainy days on your boat, which will require indoor activities for everyone. Since internet service can often be unavailable, it is a good idea to bring along a few packs of cards, some board games, and some entertaining books for those times that you simply cannot enjoy any of the outdoor activities.

How to Get Started Planning Family Boating Vacations

It’s probably easier than you think to plan a quality family boating vacation. The first step is to spend some time discussing all of the options with your family and see how excited everyone is about enjoying water sports for kids and spending some quality family time on the water. The next step is to consider the type of summer activities for kids that you are looking for: yachting, sailing, recreational boating, etc. Make sure to purchase any extra water sports equipment like snorkels or fins if necessary before you set sail. Finally, use a boat rental service to compare prices, boats, and captains if needed and reserve your boat or yacht charter.

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