how to afford a yacht

The Guide to Affording a Yacht

Written by Boatsetter Team
November 5, 2020

Last Updated on May 19, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

Because Yachts Aren’t Just for the Rich and Famous

For all those sea lovers, having a boat or a yacht is always a dream. Imagine yourself as the captain of your own ship as you sail every day towards the sunset. This sounds really amazing, but is it possible to own a yacht? This guide will help you understand that owning your own ship isn’t just a luxury anymore; it’s an adventure. Feel free to ask professional yacht management companies such as Boatsetter for help. Affordable yachting is available through Boatsetter, and here are the steps that will lead you to your very own yacht in one of the world’s top marinas.

Expenses and Offset Costs

owning a yacht

Don’t think that owning a yacht will be just an expense. You can use a professional yacht management company such as Boatsetter to rent out your yacht and help offset ownership costs. Boatsetter will save you money, but at the same time, all of your expenses will be reduced. The offset costs of owning a yacht will be reduced to the extent that you won’t feel any lack of money in your pocket. This means that the purchased yacht will be appropriately maintained and serviced, which could break the bank otherwise. If you wonder if acquiring a yacht was a wrong move, don’t think so. Boatsetter can help you charter your yacht, and it will actually pay off for itself by having it rented when you are not using it.

Yacht Maintenance

Yacht maintenance is rather expensive, and maintaining one is, of course, a crucial segment you should consider when it comes to boat ownership. Who needs a rusty old boat that no one wants to use when your yacht can shine like a pearl in a marina? When you obtain a yacht, you will have to pay an average of $2 to $3 per foot just for exterior cleaning. Remember that vessels have to be maintained, not only because the yacht will look good but because of the safety of everyone who uses it. If you think this is expensive, you are not wrong. However, if you work with Boatsetter, the entire yacht maintenance will come through the investment you’ve laced when you purchase it. We take care of your money and your yacht, and we can help with general yacht management.

Docking Without Problems

When buying a yacht, you have to figure out where to keep it during the summer. You have to deal with permits, the square footage, and the yacht’s security day and night. It’s troublesome but far from impossible. Purchasing a yacht through Boatsetter investment will guarantee you a perfect spot in a marina. Why spend time worrying about your precious investment when you can hire a professional to do all the work and help you feel like a real captain?

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