Best Beaches in Panama City Beach to visit by Boat

4 Best Beaches in Panama City Beach to visit by Boat

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March 31, 2022

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Panama City Beach, Florida is where locals and visitors experience 27 miles of coastline with breathtakingly beautiful beaches. Local beaches are perfect for shell collecting, exploring natural areas, and soaking up the Florida sun. The fine white quartz and crystal clear blue waters make this city a popular place for beachgoers and boaters looking for an adventure in the northwest area of Florida on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

If you’re in search of the best beaches in Panama City, be sure to start with these four:

  1. Panama City Beach & Pier
  2. Shell Island
  3. Dog Beach
  4. St. Andrews State Park Beach

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Where is the clearest water in Panama City Beach?

Panama City Beach and Pier is the best place to go in Panama City Beach for crystal clear blue water. This beach is approximately eight miles long and is one of the most popular beaches, perfect for relaxing and playing in the sand and then grabbing a bite to eat at one of the nearby waterfront restaurants. 

While relaxing on the beach, you can spot seagulls and pelicans catching some fish in the water. Additionally, you can purchase a daily fishing license, rent rods, and buy tackle to fish from the pier. Finally, stick around for sunset, where you will have amazing front-row views of the fantastic colors overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.

Why is Panama City Beach So Popular

Why is Panama City Beach so popular?

Panama City Beach is a popular destination for spring breakers, families, and Floridians to enjoy the beautiful weather and crystal clear Gulf waters. Here are a few more reasons that tourists flock to Panama City Beach:

  • Excellent restaurants offer mouthwatering menu items, including locally sourced seafood and ingredients.
  • The nightlife is perfect for anyone wanting to go club-hopping and mingle with other party-goers.
  • Everything is centrally located, making it possible to go to the beach, grab a bite to eat, and experience everything the city offers within walking distance.
  • You can spend all day at the beach or on the water boating in the calm Gulf waters.
  • Panama City Beach is one of the more affordable destinations in Florida for renting a condo or hotel for your stay.
  • The area is family-friendly and pet-friendly.

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More Beaches in Panama City Beach, Florida

Though Panama City Beach and Pier are places to go for the clearest waters, several other beaches offer unique waterfront experiences and exciting water activity opportunities. 

Shell Island Boat Rentals Panama City

Shell Island

Shell Island is one of the more popular beaches in the area, offering a natural habitat to explore and search for ghost crabs, endangered green sea turtles, endangered loggerhead sea turtles, and deer. Additionally, as the name suggests, you will find an array of seashells and sand dollars on this beach. Bring everything you need with you because Shell Beach does not have any amenities or concessions, but it is still a must-experience when in Panama City Beach.

Dog Beach

Dog Beach is a pet-friendly spot offering 400 feet of white sandy beaches set on the water. Dog Beach offers near-endless opportunities to play in the sand, run along the shoreline, and then cool off in the water.

St. Andrews State Park Beach

St. Andrews State Park Beach is the perfect place for water sports enthusiasts, offering access to more than just a beach. Visitors love this state park because it is the best place in the area for snorkeling and scuba diving and offers many boating, canoeing, and kayaking opportunities. In addition, beachgoers can enjoy picnic areas, a concession stand, bike rentals, and winding paths where they can spot native wildlife and migrating birds. If you enjoy the park, you can camp out overnight at one of the full-facility campsites available.

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