Best Luxury Center Console Boats

10 Best Luxury Center Console Boats

Written by Lenny Rudow
July 20, 2023

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

You say you want to rent the best center console boats, ones that are lavish and luxurious? Us, too — and plenty of today’s fishing machines are rife with comfort features and luxury perks that will help make your day out on the water spectacular. But naturally, some models are more opulent than others. 

When you’re searching for a boat that even the most affluent anglers will find accommodating, be sure to check out these top 10 picks for luxury center consoles:

  1. Avalon GS 23 Center Console Fish
  2. Chris-Craft Catalina 30
  3. Finseeker 200 CC
  4. Freeman 42LRa
  5. Grady-White Canyon 326
  6. Phenom 37
  7. Pursuit S288
  8. Scout 255 LXF
  9. Valhalla V-55
  10. Yamaha 222 FSH Sport E 


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1. Avalon GS 23 Center Console Fish


You probably didn’t expect to find a center console pontoon boat front and center on this list, but the Avalon GS 23 Center Console Fish certainly fits the bill when you’re looking for luxury. It features four pedestal-mount fishing seats plus a helm chair, with two center-facing couches just aft of amidships. 

Every seat has a cupholder within easy reach, a Fusion stereo system lives at the helm, and the deck is covered in Riptide vinyl flooring. Maybe most importantly, however, you’ll get to enjoy your day on the lake with less rocking and rolling thanks to the excellent stability pontoon boats deliver.

Visit Avalon Pontoons to learn more.

2. Chris-Craft Catalina 30

catalina 30

Today’s Chris-Craft models are utterly dripping with luxury, and from the moment you step aboard a Catalina 30 you’ll be impressed. The forward console lounger is a big stand-out feature, with contoured and diamond-stitched upholstery, flip-down armrests, and bolstering all the way up to the windshield. 

This boat also has a side-entry door with a flip-down telescopic boarding ladder and a cozy berth inside the console cabin. And don’t worry about cozy turning into stuffy because this center console even has an air conditioning system — vents at the helm provide a cool breeze outside, as well as inside.


Visit Chris-Craft to learn more.

3. Finseeker 200 CC


Can a boat just 20 feet long really deliver luxury? While any center console this small can become uncomfortable in rough conditions, if you leave the dock on a Finseeker 200 CC when the weather is nice, you’ll realize the answer is yes. 

The helm features a swing-down bolster leaning post, and the bow is ringed with U-shaped seating, including removable backrests and side bolsters. Plus, this is one of the smallest center consoles with an enclosed head compartment in the console, accessed via a wide forward swing-open door.

Visit Finseeker to learn more.

4. Freeman 42LR

freeman 42lr

The best thing about power catamarans is the ride, and if you don’t like being jostled around as you ride across the ocean, very few boats will tempt you like the Freeman 42. It’s smooth as silk in a chop and shockingly comfortable in big oceanic waves. 

Sunbathers will love kicking back on the forward console lounger, anglers will love the massive cockpit and 360-degree fishability, and everyone will love the lightning-fast cruising speeds this boat provides, which are often more than 45 knots. 

In fact, even your bait will love being on this boat thanks to the twin 50-gallon pressurized livewells. 

Added bonus: renting or chartering a boat like this generally gets you a captain, too.

Visit Freeman Boatworks to learn more.

5. Grady-White Canyon 326

Grady-White Canyon 326

From the triple-wide flip-up bolster helm seating to the fold-away bolstered backrests in the bow, this boat has comfy spots where up to a dozen people can kick back and relax. 

Tunes drift out across the water courtesy of a Bluetooth stereo system with six LED-lighted speakers. When you step down into the console head compartment, you’ll discover a composite cherry and holly sole. Plus, when climbing back up on the swim platform after a dip, note that you can rinse off with the transom freshwater shower.

Visit Grady-White Boats to learn more.

6. Phenom 37

phenom 37

Phenom is a newcomer to this brand, just introduced to the boating world in the past year, but its founders have decades of boatbuilding experience and expressly developed this new boat to be the pinnacle of luxury in a center console. 

The double-wide forward chaise lounge has diamond-stitched upholstery, arm rests, and is contoured; the bow cocktail table rises electrically up from the deck at the press of a button; and inside the air-conditioned console, there’s a six-foot berth that converts into a settee. The boat also comes standard with a Seakeeper 3 gyroscopic stabilization system. 

Perhaps most unusual of all, the livewell is armed with a pressure sensor and programmed with a customized algorithm that always keeps the pressure at 0.1 psi, to ensure that your baits stay comfy. Yet, water never sloshes out of the top.

Visit Phenom Yachts to learn more.

7. Pursuit S288

pursuit boats

Pursuit has always been known for building top-tier boats with heaps of luxury, and the S288 fits squarely into that mold. It has all the plush seating you’d expect, and it’s mesh-backed Dri-Fast foam so those seats won’t get you wet. 

The boat also has two luxurious stand-outs: a forward-console compartment with an oversized door that makes it easier to enter the head compartment, and fold-down aft-facing seating on the back of the leaning post, which matches up with the fold-down transom seat to create a social zone where guests can sit facing each other as they chat.

Visit Pursuit Boats to learn more.

8. Scout 255 LXF

scout 260-2

The 255 is the smallest in Scout’s LXF luxury center console line, but don’t let that fool you! 

The boat has gobs of plush seating including a stern fold-down bench seat, flip-down bolster seats with arm rests at the helm, forward console seating for two with tall, oversized backrests, and bow loungers with removable backrests. The console features a full three-sided enclosure, and a unique fold-out dinette table pops up for cocktail hour.

Visit Scout Boats to learn more.

9. Valhalla V-55


If you’re searching for the most luxurious and opulent center console, it may well be the Valhalla V-55. Not only is this boat so big it qualifies as a center console yacht, it also has all the hallmarks of utter excess. 

Weighing in at almost 50,000 pounds fully loaded and carrying an eye-popping 3,000 horsepower on the transom, the V-55 has not just a cabin in the console but a cabin with a private stateroom, salon, separate head and showers, and a galley

Not only does it have a row of luxury seating at the helm, it has two rows with nine individual seats. And not only does it have a lounger on the front of the console cabin, it has a triple-wide lounger with two separate seating levels. Is it the ultimate in luxury center consoles? We’ll leave that to you to decide.

Visit Valhalla Boatworks to learn more.

10. Yamaha 222 FSH Sport E

222 fsh

Jet boats are favored by some who enjoy both watersports and fishing, and Yamaha’s 222 FSH Sport E is one of the few jet center console models that can be considered luxury craft. 

The E series is Yamaha’s top-of-the-line, and the 222 FSH Sport has a bow cockpit with seating that’s comfortable when facing forward or the center of the boat, with a removable cocktail table that fits into a receiver mount.

Visit Yamaha Boats to learn more.

Are there other luxury center console boats out there which are worthy of your attention? Absolutely. But thanks to their different attributes and accessories each of these top 10 picks delivers a level of luxury that’s hard to beat. Rent one of our luxury center console boats for the day; we bet you’ll agree.

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