rent the boat. own the moment

Rent the boat. Own the moment.

Written by Boatsetter Team
March 27, 2023

Introducing Boatsetter’s 2023 Brand Campaign

Our crew at Boatsetter is thrilled to unveil “Rent the boat. Own the moment,” this year’s all-new advertising campaign inspiring everyone, everywhere to join us as we all set out to discover and own our moment on the water.

The notion of ‘living in the now’ has captivated the minds of consumers at an excitingly rapid rate. With the rise in remote and hybrid work, to travel trends like ‘bleisure,’ and ‘staycations,’ it comes as no surprise that people are enabling themselves to get out and experience life more than ever before.

Whether it’s staying close to home and taking a quick afternoon to quiet your mind with sights of glowing sunsets and swaying palm trees, or heading out for a long weekend to get off the grid to escape life’s hustle and bustle and embrace time with your loved ones. These are the kinds of moments we’ve set up to enable and enhance on our platform—only, we want them to take place on the water.

sunset champagne cruise

It just so happens that 95% of Americans live within an hour’s drive of navigable waterways. Meaning that while our oceans, lakes, bays, rivers, and inlets have always been close in proximity, these locations have still felt far away, out of reach, and inaccessible for many.

Here at Boatsetter, we’ve set out to change that.

Boating for everyone, everywhere

Our mission has always been simple: to make boating and on-water experiences more accessible for all; regardless of experience level, financial status, or locality.

What we’ve learned is that people want to explore boating as a new form of recreation and travel, but they just need a little help getting started. What they need is a vessel (pun intended), and that’s where we come in. We’ve built our platform to make boating simple, secure, and completely doable.

Whether it’s by utilizing our expansive database of USCG-certified captains to get out on a boat with no prior boating experience, or by attending a Boatsetter Academy course to boost your own boat-IQ and gain more confidence at the helm. Through our website and mobile app, we make it easy to browse and enjoy a wide array of on-water experiences, simply by connecting qualified renters directly to local boat owners and licensed captains.

inshore fishing boat rental

As the world’s only legally compliant and insured boat rental platform, having partnered with GEICO and BoatUS to pioneer the first-ever peer-to-peer boat rental insurance policy, safety is always top of mind to provide peace-of-mind for our entire community—boat owners, renters, and captains.

Of course, at the heart of that community and what makes Boatsetter, Boatsetter, is our local boat owners and operators scattered all across the world. As a natural extension of the sharing economy—monetizing what’s known to be a traditionally underutilized asset—these owners share their boats and share their love for the water, so people everywhere have access to incredible, authentic on-water moments.

pontoon boat rentals tampa

Owning your moment on the water

So, although we’ve been around for a while, we thought it was about time to extend an official invitation…

From this moment forward, we’re inviting everyone— explorers, dream chasers, thrillseekers, first-time boaters, experts, old salts, anglers, and watersports aficionados— to come own their moment on the water with us. We’re ready for you.

We’ve diversified our experiences to meet the search needs of everyone. From the perfect set-up for every watersports enthusiast to bachelor and bachelorette parties, to sunset cruises, sandbar hopping, renting a catamaran, party boat, or yacht, or even planning a fishing charter, there’s a waterworld of possibilities in store.

offshore fishing charters

Not to mention, we’ve made it so each experience is offered at various price points, with flexible booking options to fit all schedules and preferences. Our features like Multi-day bookings, Instant book, and Add-ons provide additional customization, so you can plan your moment exactly how you want it.

Only one question remains: will you own your moment? We think it’s time—come try it for yourself. Rent the boat. Own the moment.

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