FAQ: Boatsetter Owner Safety

Written by Kristen Rogers
July 14, 2020

Common Boatsetter owner safety-related questions and answers:


Q: How does Boatsetter vet renters?

A: Boatsetter verifies renters by collecting information such as phone number, email, birthday, and in most cases, their driver’s license and social security number. Renters are encouraged to fill out a profile indicating their boating experience and must agree to the terms of service at checkout, which certifies that the information they have provided is accurate and complete.

Boatsetter does not directly vet a renter’s boating experience. We leave the vetting process up to the boat owner’s unique qualification requirements for their particular boat. Before accepting a rental or after a booking is approved, we recommend speaking with your renter and asking questions to ensure they can properly handle your vessel. If a renter arrives at the boat and does not exhibit the necessary skill set to safely operate the boat, the reservation can be canceled and fully refunded.

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Q: What happens if something happens to my boat?

A: Boatsetter collects a security deposit 48 hours before the start of a trip, in case damages occur. If a renter damages the boat, Boatsetter will capture their deposit and funds will be used toward the insurance deductible, repairs, and replacement costs.

All damages must be reported to Boatsetter within 48 hours of the rental time, to ensure the deposit will be captured. Pictures of damage and any other relevant information should be emailed to claims@boatsetter.com

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Q: Do I need additional insurance?

A: In order to charter your boat out to customers you are required to have a commercial insurance policy on your vessel, in addition to an active recreational policy (also known as a ‘personal’ policy: your recreational insurance policy that you use when you are operating the boat for personal use). When another person is operating the boat for a charter, like the captain or renter, the commercial policy would be used.

Owners without their own commercial policy may utilize the Geico P2P insurance policy by submitting their boat listing through the website for approval by GEICO. We recommend using a GEICO recreational policy but this is not required. You are welcome to obtain your own commercial policy. Damages that take place during a Boatsetter rental will not affect your recreational insurance policy.

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Our Owner FAQ hub will direct you to commonly asked questions and answers from our expert team. Should you have an additional support inquiry, our 24/7 team is available to assist you at contact@boatsetter.com.

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