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7 Best Towable Tubes for Adults

Written by Kim Kavin
October 27, 2022

Last Updated on November 22, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

Tubing is one of the most enjoyable activities that anyone can do. Adults enjoy sipping on a fun drink, contained by their Yetti while feeling the exhilaration. If you’re looking into what tow tubes will give you and your crew the best time of the water, consider the ones we’ve already researched for you. 

  1. Airhead Super Mable 
  2. Airhead Super Betty 
  3. WOW Sports Mega Ducky 
  4. WOW Sports Glider 3P 
  5. O’Brien Watersports Challenger 3
  6. Scheels Radar Quattro 
  7. Jobe-Sea-Esta 

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1. Airhead Super Mable

Super Mable

This towable has been upgraded over the years to give users more fun, functionality, and features.  The Super Mable styles a classic design.  It can tow three people at a time and comes with extra comforts, like a supportive backrest along with foam seating pads. There are 16 foam-filled handles. 

So if you’re looking for something to grab as you zip on water, you’ll have no shortage of handles. This tube is an ideal lounge for when the boat is at rest. Kick back, relax, and have a good laugh on the Super Mable. 

2. Airhead Super Betty

airhead super betty

The Airhead Super Betty is a tow toy with a design inspired by the popular Super Mable (see above). Similarly, it can also upto tow three people, and it offers users more comfort in the form of air-cushioned seat dividers. This water toy can be towed from its front or from its behind. 

It’s good for adults to lounge position on the foam seating pads, as well as kids who want to sit on their knees. The foam handles on this tow toy have knuckle guards to ensure that older hands are comfortable, too. 

3. WOW Sports Mega Ducky

mega ducky 2

Yup — it’s a giant floating duck. WOW Sports describes it as a “couch-style” towable that can hold up to five people, with an extra-high backrest and side wings that help everyone feel secure while riding. 

The seats have foam pads and handles, and the setup of the Mega Ducky means it can be used as a floating island once the boat is rafted up or at anchor. Some owners tie the Mega Ducky to their dock and use it as a floating playground outside their waterfront homes.

4. WOW Sports Glider 3P

The Glider 3P’s claim to fame is its ability to remain stable in choppy water. You can go tow airborne on it, or allow its “wings” to keep you stable on the water. This along with the three-seat design makes this toy a favorite among boaters. You can ride it sitting, laying on your stomach, or kneeling! There are also cushioned foam handles for grip. 

5. O’Brien Watersports Challenger 3

O'Brien Challenger 3 Boat Tube

This O’Brien Watersports Challenger3  has a comfortable seating position with high back support and handles for grip. It’s designed to hold up to three riders. You can use this toy as a stationary float after the day’s boating is done. This water toy has no partition between seats, which means someone could also use the Challenger 3 to sleep on it sideways.

6. Scheels Radar Quattro

Scheels 2022 Radar Quattro Tube

The Radar Quattro is designed for up to four riders at a time, with strategically placed handholds to separate the seating spaces. It has molded neoprene knuckle guards to make riding easier on the hands, along with back and armrests for stability behind the boat. The design also makes this tow toy a good option for dual use as a static floating island either behind the boat or off the dock at a waterfront home. 

7. Jobe Sea-Esta

Jobe Sea-esta Towable 3P

Looking for a towing toy that converts into a floating cabana? That’s the Jobe Sea-Esta, which can carry up to three people. For the go-fast crowd, there are 12 foam-filled handles with neoprene knuckle protection. You can ride on your belly or seated. When everyone has had their fun at speed, you can attach the foldable sunroof to turn the Sea-Esta into a floating cabana with molded drink holders and back supports. 

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