Boat Buying Tips from Leading Yacht Broker, Bob Denison

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December 26, 2017

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Bob Denison, President of Denison Yacht Sales, has been in the business of helping people buy and sell boats for decades. The name Denison is equated with knowledge, expertise and success stories in the marine industry and Boatsetter is honored to share these boat buying tips from the experts!

Boat Buying Tips from top Yacht Broker, Bob Denison

  1. Determine your boat needs – First step is to define what you want to do with this boat. Do you have a large family that you’ll need to accommodate? Are you a die-hard fisherman? Is a long sailing trip in your near future? Only you know the answers to these questions…but this is where you start.
  2. Set a budget – Daydreams get real when you put a dollar amount next to them, don’t they? Detail how much you can realistically spend and whether financing will be a consideration for you.

Now you can start the boat buying search…this is the fun part.

But before you do, partner with a reputable broker! That might be the best piece of advice offered.  Here’s why contacting a well-established broker to help in the purchase of your boat is a good idea:

  • They are boating experts – You may not know exactly what type of boat you want or what options are available. When you express your boat ownership goals to your broker, he or she will be able to translate that into some options to consider. By closely listening to your boat ownership goals, your broker might suggest an option that you did not even know existed.
  • They handle the legwork for you – Much like a real estate agent, your broker will have access to MLS platforms and can search, screen and vet possibly boats of consideration for you. Saving you hours of searching and viewing of boats that may not fit the bill.
  • They manage the paper trail for you – A boat purchase in the state of Florida could require upwards of 25 documents filed. This paper trail is not for the faint of heart, but an experienced broker knows which ones are required and how to keep the process moving.
  • They negotiate on your behalf – An experienced broker is an experienced negotiator. These two things go hand-in-hand. All the back and forth can be left to your broker acting on your behalf and safeguarding your interest.
  • They understand what to look for on the survey and how to handle a sea trial – Your broker can handle the logistics of the survey and sea trial as well as provide insightful, objective guidance about the boat throughout this process.
  • They are your resource post-sale – Your broker is still your partner long after the last document is signed. He or she can connect to marinas, storage and repair facilities.

Boat ownership is the ultimate dream for most boating enthusiasts and by following some key advice can make the process painless and successful!

President and Co-founder of Denison Yacht Sales, Bob Denison, literally grew up in yachting with a long history of family ties that helped shaped the industry as it looks today. Mr. Denison is an accomplished businessman with a proven sales track record and has held key positions on boards of many marine industry organizations. Learn more about Bob Denison and Denison Yacht Sales at

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