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Boat Rentals Benefit Owners and Renters in South Florida

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 6, 2017

Do you love boating but find that boat ownership is not for you? The boating lifestyle is hard to beat. Spending time out on the water, connecting with nature and bonding with friends and family – all great ways to spend your free time. However, if boat ownership is not in the plans, can you still aspire to lead the boating lifestyle?

With boat ownership comes (obviously) a financial outlay to purchase the boat, storage fees, fuel, maintenance and repair costs not to mention the time commitment. In fact, of the 12.2 million boats registered in the United States today, each is only in spends 26 days out of the year out on the water.

The problem with a boat that stands still for the remaining 339 days of the year? The costs related to ownership may make the limited yearly usage of the boat extremely high and a boat that sits unused is much more likely to experience troublesome maintenance issues.

How South Florida Boat Rentals by Owner Work

The onset of the sharing economy, brought to the mainstream by companies like Uber and AirBnB, has opened up an entirely new option for boat owners and those aspire to go boating alike. Website such as allow private boat owners to connect with people who want to go boating. The rental income the boat owners enjoy offsets the cost of ownership. In addition, the more frequent “running” of the boat keeps in good working order for the owner when he or she is ready to use it.

Boats offered can range from kayaks to yachts and come with captains or without for more experienced boaters. Leading boat sharing companies will put the boat owner’s mind at ease by including comprehensive insurance for the boat while it is out on the charter. The boat owner is control of the boat’s rental calendar, the rental price and even has the final say in accepting the charter request. Additionally, the boat owner can require that a captain be present on all charters for additionally assurance.

Customers’ Reaction to South Florida Boat Rentals by Owner

Most people who rent out or “share” their boat through a boat sharing platform have a great experience doing so. In fact, the boat sharing industry is growing by leaps and bounds and poised to change the boating world as a whole. It is a new avenue for:

What the Future Holds

People no longer have a wait-and-see attitude in regard to the boat sharing concept. Boat rentals in South Florida by the owner are more popular than ever through the sharing model. The average boat owner now has a way to offset the costs of ownership and boaters with little or no experience can get out on the water and enjoy the boating lifestyle.

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