Best Bucket List Ever: Add these boat rental destinations, ASAP!

Boatsetter Team
Written by Boatsetter Team
December 27, 2017

Adventure enthusiasts know the facts. Approximately 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water. So what’s a bucket list without a boat rental destinations? From the Grenadine Islands to Tahiti, you’re bound to find your waterlogged fun in one of these destinations.

The Ultimate Top 5 Bucket List for Boat Rental Destinations:

Tahiti and French Polynesia

If dancing the night away to the pulsing beat of a dozen Polynesian musicians on a Tahitian shore is not on your bucket list, well, what’s up with that? No worries—just add it and we’ll pretend it was there from the get go. For centuries, sailors have visited the South Pacific in search of adventure. And these stunning coastlines, with their lush vanilla and hibiscus-scented hillsides and spectacular coral reefs, have certainly delivered. From the romance of Bora Bora to the splendor of Tahaa, the pristine beauty of these islands is the boat rental dream of a lifetime. (And that’s why it’s should now be on your boat rental destinations bucket list!)

Everglades National Park

If you’re really looking to get adventurous, look no further than Everglades National Park. This unique ecosystem supports a variety of plant and marine life found nowhere else on the planet. Of course, most of the Everglades is underwater. The best way to experience the mangrove forests and freshwater marshes of the park is put at the top of your boat rental destinations wishi list. Or you can trudge through the swamp on foot—we hear the gators are totally friendly. (Joking. Seriously, get back on the boat.)

The Bahamas

Maybe it has something to do with that crystal-blue water, but the vibe in the Bahamas is definitely laid-back. Whatever it is, even the fish are more relaxed. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway or a week-long trip, the Bahamas are bound to have you feelin’ like evry ting be cool in no time. Which brings us to island time— life in the Bahamas is a bit slower and a lot sweeter. Shops open when they’re ready, and even the mail boat doesn’t always arrive as expected. But no one seems to mind. Must be something in that clear blue water!

The Grenadine Islands

If you’re looking to get your survivor vibe on, this is the place to do it. The Grenadines are an island chain encompassing 32 islands and cays, many which are uninhabited. These tiny single-palm isles surrounded by tropical waters are a boat lover’s dream. The Grenadines will have you feeling like you’re the ultimate survivor at tribal council (minus the film crew).

The Caribbean

There’s a reason why the Caribbean is by far the most popular boat rental destinations in the world. Let’s see—there’s the tropical climate, with year-round moderate temperatures and steady breezes, the world-renowned diving, snorkeling and fishing, the lush coastline, the beachside bars, the legendary music, and oh, right, did we mention the parties? Well, so there are a few reasons why the Caribbean is such a popular boating hot spot. But all you need to get in on the fun is a boat rental.

Ready to experience the ultimate bucket list adventure? Whether it’s cruising through Everglades National Park or getting down in the Caribbean, Boatsetter has boat rental destinations to cover any of your bucket list desires. Reserve your boat rental today and get ready to embark on your ultimate boating adventure!

Start crossing these boat rental destinations off your bucket list – ASAP!

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