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Written by Boatsetter Team
December 28, 2017

Attracting boat rental requests depends hugely on the quality of the reviews you receive on! But not to worry…getting rave reviews is easy!

Check out 10 no-brainer ways to get rave reviews (aka more boat rental requests)!

  1. Quench their thirst. A cold water goes a long way…especially on those hot days when boaters run out! Renters will be thinking loving thoughts of you when they realize you’ve stocked the boat with a few key essentials.
  2. A towel is always handy. Ocean spray and the unexpected shower make an extra towel or two always in high demand! (And, newbie boaters may not know they need to pack these.) Another added touch to keep your renters happy.
  3. A stash for trash. Sometimes we make more trash than ever expected to but a heads-up boat owner will stock some extra bags to help their renters and help keep the ocean clean.
  4. Everyone loves toys. From floaties to super soaker water guns and even water skis, banana boats or kayaks…boaters love toys! A small investment in toys can make the renters day!
  5. Be prompt (as in early). Don’t keep the renter and his or her crew waiting on dockside! They’re excited, loaded up with stuff and raring to go…your promptness is going to make the world of difference as they start their adventure.
  6. Connect, connect, connect. Our site offers a way to send a direct note to the renters to touch base pre-rental. A quick check in to offer directions to the boat’s location, ask if they have any questions or just introduce yourself, now that’s a NICE touch!
  7. Good working order. Keep your boat and all it’s features in good working order! This is a fundamental way to keep your rental customers happy.
  8. Provide the local skinny. Leave a map and local guides on the boat. Especially great for boats located in touristy areas, be sure to leave a note from you like, “Enjoy your day on the water!”
  9. Ran out of snacks? It happens! Stock some non-perishables like granola bars, chips or trail mix…what a nice surprise for your renters?
  10. Put your best foot forward. A smiling face, a helping hand can seal the deal on an epic review!

Getting lots of positive reviews is the key to getting more boat rental requests. And, as a Boatsetter boat owner, securing those reviews is not hard at all! Attention to the small details will lead to happy renters and end in superb reviews which will translate into more rentals for you. Earning income as a Boatsetter boat owner is like running a business…the better your product and service the better your business will do. Boatsetter is always here to help you be the best you can be!

(What? Your boat’s not listed at…let’s fix that asap!)

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