Boat Rental vs. Yacht Charter, Do You Know the Difference?

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 5, 2017

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While similar in nature, boat rental and yacht charter have a few key differences. Knowing and understanding these differences will help you decide which option best suits your needs.

Boat Rental or Yacht Charter? It Depends on the Kind of Boating Experience you Want

Boat rental

Boat rental refers to a person renting a boat from a private owner. This option allows for a more personalized experience. The renter can choose a boat based upon their interests and boating abilities rather than getting a stock boat from a marina fleet. Since the boat is owned by a private owner, the renter can be assured that it is in proper running condition and has all of the necessary safety gear and equipment on board. They can even talk to or meet with the owner before heading out onto the water. The renter can sail the boat themselves, or hire a captain to do the navigating for them.

A person might choose to go the boat rental route for several reasons:

  • They may be on vacation and cannot transport their own boat with them.
  • They might not have the time or funds to own their own boat, but they still want to experience the boating lifestyle.
  • They want to try a new experience, or see if the boating lifestyle is something that they and their family enjoy.
  • The current boat might not be large enough for the group of boaters.
  • They might be shopping around for a new boat and want to try before they buy.
  • They might enjoy trying different types of boats and embarking on unique experiences in interesting locations.

Yacht charter

Yacht charter is when a group of friends go in together to spend the day on the water. The boat is operated by a licensed captain. The group can choose the activity, whether it be fishing, water sports or sightseeing.

There are three main types of yacht charter:

  • Fully crewed private yachts have professional and licensed captains and crews.
  • Super yachts offer even more luxury than a fully crewed private yacht.
  • Bareboat charters are usually sailboats, catamarans or motor boats. A skipper or guide can be hired, but the renter has a hands-on approach to everything.

Once you’ve decided which boating option is right for you and your group or family, the possibilities for a fun and adventurous day are endless. Have you done both? Which do you prefer? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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