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Here’s the Price Tag for Hiring a Yacht and Crew for 1 Week

Written by Boatsetter Team
October 19, 2020

Last Updated on December 1, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

Learn How to Save Money When You Get a Yacht Hire with Boatsetter

Have you always wanted to enjoy the boating lifestyle? Have you looked into it and come to the conclusion that it is just way out of your price range? Well, these days, yachting with Boatsetter can be extremely affordable. When you arrange a yacht hire with Boatsetter, you have the option of splitting the price with several of your closest friends, which can make the price per person very affordable and it can also make the trip so much more memorable. Once you get the yacht out on the open water, you can also try out so many amazing activities, like wakeboarding or jet skiing. So many of our yachts come with lots of watersports equipment already included in the price when you hire a yacht. You surely know how expensive it can be to try out all of these types of watersports if they are all offered individually at a lake or a resort. Read on below to find out how you can take advantage of all of the wonderful opportunities we offer.

Learn how to experience a yacht affordably with Boatsetter

Apart from the watersports options we mentioned above, when you hire a yacht, you get the opportunity to explore so many amazing and scenic areas along the coast. For example, Florida offers so many enticing activities available to you right from your yacht. By browsing through our site, you can find yacht hires within a wide range of budgets and you can even adjust any reservations you make from a full to a half-day. So whether you select a pontoon, a Marquis yacht, or a catamaran, there are so many incredible places to explore while you enjoy your yacht rental.

You already know that Boatsetter allows potential renters to rent boats from private owners. We’ll discuss just how you as a renter can benefit from this arrangement further along in this article, and you’ll soon find out how much money you are saving by choosing to use a service like Boatsetter rather than purchasing your own yacht. We’ll start by looking at a typical yacht hire in a place like Miami, and break down the costs of spending a week on the yacht with a captain on board as well as a full crew to cater to the needs of all of your guests.

A sample price tag for a week on the water

A quick search of Boatsetter’s website to rent a yacht out of Miami, including a captain, for ten passengers for a week, yields the following selections, among others: an amazing 60 foot Ferretti with three staterooms. This yacht is the finest Italian built yacht worldwide, with sleek lines that make it stand out from any ordinary yacht. The galley provides a microwave, full fridge, ice maker, and double sink, as well as a Sony system, kayak, floating island, snorkeling gear, ice, bottled water, and towels.

There will probably be a few extra costs like dockage fees in some cases, as well as any types of food or alcoholic drinks that you choose to bring on board with you. But that would be the case no matter what type of vacation you take. The total cost for the boat itself, with a captain and several crew members included, would be about $2500 per day. That’s only $250 a day per person – which is far less than you would spend in many Miami hotel rooms these days!

It is also much, much less than it would cost you to purchase a boat like this and pay for all of the associated costs, just for the sake of using it a few times a year. Owning a boat like this can be incredibly expensive. In addition to boat insurance and registration costs, there are also high maintenance and storage fees, as well as various other related expenses. Here is a more detailed breakdown of some of the costs you would have to cover if you owned a boat like this.

The benefits of hiring an experienced captain

Often, Boatsetter customers are inexperienced boaters and they are in need of a USCG licensed and professional captain to allow them to relax and enjoy their trip. A yacht hire like the one described above comes with an experienced captain on board, who can be responsible for all kinds of things while you are enjoying your time on the yacht. Learn more about choosing your boat rental captain here.

All of the captains that we use at Boatsetter are required to have completed a USCG-approved Safe Boating Course, so you can be confident that they will be completely aware of all of the safety regulations that apply once you are out on the open water. Especially if you are looking to hire a large yacht like the Ferretti, you will really need somebody to know what they are doing on the boat. Here are just a few of the other things a boat captain will do for you during your yacht hire:

  • Navigate the waters and troubleshoot any mechanical failures on the yacht
  • Suggest popular boating locations, snorkeling/diving spots, swimming areas, dining options, fishing spots
  • Act as an onboard DJ or photographer to capture your special memories
  • Suggest when the weather might cause a change in plans
  • Act as an expert in any kind of emergency situation
  • Assist with docking/undocking or loading/unloading the boat
  • Share local boating and geographical knowledge

Enjoying some of the most memorable times of your life on the water

In the end, a Boatsetter yacht hire is all about enjoying the yacht for the time that you decide to be out on the water. For about $1500 each, you and your friends can enjoy a truly memorable week out on the clear, relaxing waters off Miami Beach, or any other location you prefer. One really good tip is to try and hire a yacht from a location nearby because then you will save plenty of money by not having to drive or fly to your destination. Why not search our database to discover all of the amazing yacht hires that are available near you?

Even boaters who live far inland in places like Arizona can benefit from Boatsetter’s services. You may not have an ocean nearby, but there are almost certainly some interesting lakes (like Lake Mead) and rivers for you to explore by boat. Boatsetter offers all types of yacht hires all around the USA and also internationally. Boatsetter is the easiest way of finding your yacht hire by searching our database of boat rentals and yacht charters for your perfect boat.

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