Top 5 Holiday Gifts That Will Wow the Boater in Your Life

I know what you’re thinking—oh, no, not another cooler! But we promise this isn’t that kind of boater gift guide. The Holidays are almost here and it's time to start shopping (a.k.a. racking your brain to find a gift for the boater who has everything)! We know nobody wants another cooler, or worse—another set of nautical coasters. Sure, they were cute the first time. But let’s be honest—by now we all have at least a half a dozen coolers and bucket loads of “cute nautical coasters.” We also know boaters can be difficult to shop for, but that’s no reason to stress. Luckily we’ve done the work for you to ensure that your gift doesn’t end up “lost” at sea.

For the Movie-loving Boater: The Life Aquatic Beanie

[caption id="attachment_7972" align="aligncenter" width="500"] The Life Aquatic[/caption] The Life Aquatic is mandatory viewing for a movie lover who happens to be a boater too. Watch or re-watch the movie before your next boat rental excursion. Then get your friend (or yourself!) the red beanie worn by Captain Zissou aboard the Belafonte. It’s perfect for keeping warm during fall and winter boat trips.

For the Book+Boat Lover: Atlas of Remote Islands

[caption id="attachment_7973" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Atlas of Remote Islands[/caption] A great addition to any boater gift guide is the Atlas of Remote Islands, a stunning 144-page full-color book that features fifty remote and unique islands to explore on your boat rental—none of which you’re likely to find featured in a tourist brochure. Historic events, colorful maps, and technical information highlight the wonders of each location spanning across the Arctic, Indian, Atlantic, Pacific, and Antarctic Oceans. Atlas of Remote Islands has received rave reviews from Conde Nast Traveler and The Guardian, among others. This is the gift for boaters who dream of boating off the beaten path.

For the Life of the Party Boater: Classic Flask

[caption id="attachment_7974" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Boating Flask[/caption] Your boater gift guide just got frisky! Any boater will love the toughness of a classic stainless steel flask that is rustproof, leak-proof and naturally BPA-free stainless steel. This thing can take a beating and brave the elements. No boater gift guide is complete without this little treasure.

For Everybody: Giant Pool Float

[caption id="attachment_7975" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Giant Unicorn Float[/caption] Two words: Ginormous Unicorn.... or there's the inflatable manatee or the inflatable pizza or the inflatable donut. The list goes on! Seriously, who doesn’t need a huge inflatable something to add some fun at the Sandbar party? These things can be 75” long or bigger. Bring it on your next boat rental adventure. Trust us—it’s the best 80-or-so bucks you’ll ever spend.

Best Boating-themed gift EVER: Boatsetter Boat Rentals 

[caption id="attachment_7977" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Boatsetter Gift Card[/caption] Of course, the very best gift of all is a fun-filled day on the water on a Boatsetter boat rental! Here's how it works: choose an ah-mazing, privately-owned boat, choose a captain (or be your own) and set sail! The best thing about giving the gift of a Boatsetter boat rental: chances are high that the recipient will feel obliged to invite you along to enjoy the gift! Easy enough right? Just head over to Boatsetter and browse through the fleet. Don't want to choose the exact boat? Boatsetter has gift cards you can purchase that never expire! Don't spend another holiday season wasting time, money and stress on finding the perfect gift only to settle for nautical coasters. We've got the ultimate boater gift guide ready for you, just in time!


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