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News: Introducing new leader in boat sharing market – Boatsetter & Cruzin merge companies

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 6, 2017

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

When innovators unite, the marketplace wins.

Boatsetter and Cruzin, both pioneers in the boater-to-boater marketplace, are now one company and we couldn’t be more excited!

Boatsetter and Cruzin have combined their unique strengths and talents to become one big happy family. With the merger of our two companies, the new bigger and better Boatsetter is now poised to be the, dare we say, “category killer” in the market for unforgettable on-the-water experiences.

Cruzin was founded by Jaclyn Baumgarten and launched in 2012 when she created the premier online marketplace for renters and private boat owners. Boatsetter is the technology startup founded by Andrew Sturner that has been disrupting the multi-billion dollar marine industry since it launched in 2014 as the first peer-to-peer company offering captained boats to recreational boat renters. The combined company will carry the Boatsetter name, but the brand has been merged to incorporate the Cruzin look and feel. Boatsetter will have headquarters in both the boating capital of the world – South Florida, and the technology epicenter of the world – Silicon Valley.


Two entrepreneurs with similar philosophies and complementary backgrounds realized that they were traveling in parallel lanes — if they joined forces they could help transform and grow the boating industry for boat owners, captains and consumers alike.

Jaclyn and Andrew both have strong ties to the boating industry and firmly believe that working together will successfully grow and build this community. The new Boatsetter will have Jaclyn Baumgarten as CEO and Andrew Sturner as Executive Chairman. Boating is a passion for both of them, personally and professionally, and together they share a vision of making boating accessible to everyone — regardless of experience.

As they each ran their respective companies, they recognized that having access to the amazing world of boating required a very specific set of requirements: not only boats but also experienced captains who could drive them, best-in-class insurance to cover both owners and renters, high level safety standards and local knowledge.

These two founders were passionate about changing the boating industry for the better and growing the peer-to-peer (P2P) boat sharing industry – their back-stories are different but goals are complementary, which is what makes them a great team:

–  Jaclyn Baumgarten hails from Silicon Valley and brings 15 years of successful leadership in strategy and finance that led to dramatic revenue growth for Fortune 500 companies in the Real Estate, Retail, Entertainment and Media industries. Her experience ranges from founding startups to senior roles in Fortune 100 companies. In 2012 she began developing the idea for Cruzin. With her strategic and operational experience, Jackie led a team of maritime lawyers and insurance executives in developing the very first peer-to-peer insurance policy, which essentially opened up the opportunity for the boat-sharing marketplace. Jackie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Wellesley College and an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Some of Jackie’s best childhood memories are of boating on the Great Lakes with her family. Spending her days on the water made her realize the powerful bonds that truly strengthen through boating, She wants to share this amazing life experience with others – including with the new “generation share”. She currently splits her time between San Francisco and Fort Lauderdale.

–  Andrew Sturner is an east coast guy and serial entrepreneur with 25 years of startup experience in technology and in the marine industry. Andy was an early executive in several startup ventures including two public companies: CBS (NASDAQ: SPLN) and MovieFone (NASDAQ: MOFN). Prior to starting his entrepreneurial career, Andy worked as an attorney in the bankruptcy, workout & restructuring department of Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP in NY. Back in 2002, Andy founded Aqua Marine Partners with a goal of identifying and investing in marine industry companies with a focus on innovation. Today, AMP owns, develops and manages a portfolio of marinas and is a strategic investor in a portfolio of marine industry operating companies. Andy is very active in the South Florida startup community as a co-founder of and is an investor and on the board of a handful of media, retail and technology companies. The idea for Boatsetter came in 2013 when Andy was approached by a local Miami entrepreneur to invest in the “Airbnb of Boats”. “I thought it was interesting, but felt that we couldn’t just create an Airbnb copycat site. Renting a boat is very different from renting a house or even a car. If you ignore the trust dynamics and logistical concerns, you would be leading boat owners and consumers down the primrose path.” He deeply explored the dynamics of starting a boat sharing marketplace and launched Boatsetter in March 2014, putting his startup background and marine industry expertise in motion. Andy is a lifelong boating enthusiast and boat owner.

The end result – the new Boatsetter is led by two visionaries who promise to grow and build the best boat sharing marketplace in the business.

The new bigger, better Boatsetter now offers: 

  • Thousands of boats available to rent around the world
  • Expanded community of thousands of captains, marinas and partners globally
  • Cutting edge technology and top notch customer service — creating an unrivaled online boating community
  • The most comprehensive, best-in-class insurance policy available in the peer-to-peer industry
  • The best on-water safety provided by marine industry leaders
  • Continued commitment to being the destination for great on-the-water experiences

 A special note for Cruzin customers:

Cruzin customers are now part of the Boatsetter Family. Welcome!
Here are a few of the great perks that come with the merger of these two innovative companies: 

  • SEAMLESS TRANSITION: An easy transition from to — just use your Cruzin login and your profile details will all be there
  • SAFE & SOUND: The new Boatsetter has the same high level of privacy standards that you’ve come to expect at Cruzin
  • BETTER WEB EXPERIENCE: It’s easy to use and has lots of new features that we’re sure you’re going to love
  • NEWS AND UPDATES: All future updates will come from — Be sure to add this to your address book so you don’t miss out on any exciting news or offers

 The Boatsetter and Cruzin merger is a win-win, creating the only full service boat sharing company where boat owners get more out of boat ownership, experienced or aspiring boaters can get out on the water, regardless of level of expertise, and captains can turn their careers into scalable, independent businesses. Now everyone can benefit from new revenue streams that P2P brings to the marine industry.

All Aboard!

For more information, read the official press release, learn more about the new Boatsetter team, or browse the new additions to the fleet.

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