7 Ways to Spring into the Boating Fun

Written by Mariah Hoefle
March 19, 2019

Last Updated on January 26, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

Spring kicks off the beginning of boating season across the nation, and it’s always an exciting time to be out on the water. From late March to the end of May, warmer temperatures make way for boaters new and old to enjoy the open waterways and get their sea legs back under them before the official start of summer.

Regardless of whether you do the majority of your boating on the ocean, river or a lake, you’ll notice that the waterways are less crowded—presenting unlimited opportunities for first time boaters. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your Boatsetter rental and set your course for springtime fun.

Spring Break Getaway

We couldn’t talk about spring boating without mentioning spring break. Whether you’re traveling with family or friends from college, you can take advantage of boat rentals in a variety of popular spring break destinations…

The list could go on and on…

Make Waves with Water Sports

Because there are less boats on the water during the spring season, it presents the ideal time for learning how to do different water sports. Calm waters means less of a challenge for getting up on waterskis, wakesurf boards, or kneeboards. Beginners can put their mind at ease knowing that they do not need to feel rushed or pressured—they can take their time and master each sport at their own pace.

To learn more, be sure to check out our Top Water Sports Boat Rentals.

Cruising with Pets

Summer months like June, July and August bring exceedingly hot temperatures to most areas of the country. While most boaters can lather up on sunscreen, stay hydrated, and cool off in the water when needed, it isn’t as easy—or as safe—for our beloved four-legged friends. Extreme heat can be dangerous for dogs and other pets, but luckily, spring’s moderate climate is perfect for our animals. Use this time to go boating with your pets—we’re sure Fido would love to feel the wind in his ears as you cruise across the lake.

Read our Boating with Pets experience guide to help get your started.

Attend a Boat Show

Boat shows can be fun for the whole family, regardless of whether you are interested in purchasing a boat of your own. During the spring, plan to attend one of these local shows in your area:

Our Boat Show Guide can help you take full advantage of your show experience with tips and tricks on planning ahead and things to do while in attendance.

Go Fishing

Like beginners to water sports, first-time anglers should also use spring as an opportunity to master their craft. It’s best to learn from experience and have a good teacher to show you the ropes. Consider booking a boat rental with an experienced captain to plan your own fishing charter, or bring along a friend or family member who is a long-time angler that can show you the in’s and out’s—and don’t worry, Boatsetter has plenty of fishing boats available for rent.

Sunset Cruising and Night Boating

Boating during the day presents a completely different experience than boating at night. Although more difficult than boating in the daylight, sunset cruising and night boating can be a lot of fun and a good learning experience. For those relatively new to boating, we highly suggest hiring a captain with your rental and heading out during the spring to take full advantage of the open waterways.

Boating 101

Last but not least, be sure use springtime as an opportunity to take a boating safety course. That way when prime-time boating season rolls around during the summer, you’ll be knowledgeable and confident to captain your very own boat rental.

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