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Boatsetter Recommends Waterway Guide: It’s Like Google Maps For Your Boating Adventure!

Written by Boatsetter Team
December 26, 2017

Last Updated on January 14, 2022 by Boatsetter Team

You already know Boatsetter as your source for all things boating. Now, Boatsetter recommends Waterway Guide as one of the best ways we know how to plan for your next boating adventure!

Boatsetter recommends Waterway Guide!

Waterway Guide has been a staple resource for boaters since 1947! You’ll find they are a credible, informative source for content that captains and boaters can trust to help them safely navigate their waterways. With (7) 400+ page cruising guides, the new Waterway Guide has boating information for just about everyone. Now providing print and digital resources to boaters for safe travels, your friends at Boatsetter like to keep you in-the-know and Waterway Guide should definitely be on your to do list!

Be sure to check out the Waterway Explorer, released last year as a complement to their printed cruising guides. This is one of the most comprehensive online trip planning tools available to boaters. The concept is simple, take the most widely used charts (NOAA and Navionics) and overlay credible content that’s applicable to boaters to make their travels simpler. At Waterwayguide.com, boaters can find content on marinas, anchorages, bridges and locks, navigation alerts and fuel prices.

Waterway Guide has a full-time team dedicated to filtering the federal register and local notice to mariners to only list the applicable notifications to boaters. A great source to check and “know before you go”. They also have a live fuel reporting system, so you can easily compare prices on-the-water. There are tools available to compare marina amenities, such as largest vessel allowed, maximum vessel draft, pump-out and more. You can also chart your course on their mapping architecture, and get distance and heading.

But that’s not all, they also recently released reviews for marinas and anchorages. With 3,700+ marinas and thousands of anchorages listed from the Great Lakes to the Bahamas, boaters can now share their experiences and let other boaters know what to expect.

They have an extensive team of on-the-water editors that verify and vet all content prior to release. This is to provide all the details relevant to a boater, because boaters need ALL of the information – not a one-way story!

Oh, and did we mention it’s completely FREE?! And doesn’t require any sign up or log-in. Just like Google Maps, only for the water…

For boaters of all kinds Boatsetter recommends Waterway Guide and all its tools. Be sure to give Waterway Explorer a try at WaterwayGuide.com, it’s a great planning tool for boaters!

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