Your Guide to Purchasing the Perfect Center Console

Written by Mariah Hoefle
May 7, 2019

Last Updated on July 24, 2023 by Boatsetter Team

For anyone who loves a good time on the water and wants to go fishing in style, there are few better boats than a center console. Known for their simplicity and speed, these boats are perfect for taking out small groups of people or just going solo. Because of their relatively small size, they can be used on just about any body of water. So if you’re looking to buy one of these beauties to fish off the coast of Miami or you’re after some freshwater trout in Canyon Lake, purchasing the perfect center console is a must.

The perfect center console is all about the amenities

When it comes to choosing the right center console one of the most important factors to consider is the size. In fact, more than 95% of the boats out on the water today are less than 26 feet long. With a smaller boat, you can rest assured that maintenance is much lower! You can get your boat cleaned up after a day of fishing with some good towels and a water hose. Take, for example, the Century 2200 CC, which is known by many anglers as being the go-to center console for anyone looking to do some serious fishing. Loaded with inshore angler amenities such as oversized insulated fish boxes and a staggering 30-gallon live well under the rear cushioned seating, this boat is perfect for reeling in fish and stashing them for dinner.

The Century 2200 CC has a rival in the Contender 24 Sport

Rivaling the Century 2200 CC is the Contender 24 Sport which is known for cruising at top-speeds while remaining stable and well balanced while fishing. If you’re looking for a little comfort on the water while delivering the angling goods, than this is the boat for you. Did we mention this bad boy can also fly? So if you need a little cool air to brush your hair back after a long day of fishing the Century 2200 CC has you covered. The perfect release boat, this bad boy’s build, and design almost beg you to use it time and time again.

Because it’s always better to test drive a boat before buying one

With a Boatsetter center console boat rental, you can try out all the best boats the water has to offer. This is especially important if you like to know what you’re getting before buying it. Since every center console is different, depending on the make and the year, it’s always nice to be able to meet the owner and take a peek under the hood to make sure the boat is up to industry standards. So if you’re looking for a used fishing boat for sale by the owner, then Boatsetter can deliver the goods. The best part is you can also offset the price of purchasing a center console, especially if the boat isn’t brand new. So, if you like to do your homework first and get a little test run in beforehand, renting a center console with Boatsetter isn’t just the best way to go, it’s the only way to go!

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